DeWalt DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor

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Review Summary:

A good Air Compressor for trim work and around-the-house job. Very easy to carry and work quietly. A great choice!

DeWalt is changing the status quo for compressor for combining the words “Heavy Duty” and “Quiet” in its description. It comes to only 71.5 dBa which is so quiet you will actually be able to hear what is happing around you. This is a huge safety plus and DeWalt even boasts in its description that it is 50% quieter than its competitors. This fact and a one-year warranty should cause you to take a closer look at what the DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty Compressor can do for you.

I was impressed with the volume at 2.5 gallons. There are larger compressors out there on the market. However, this compressor stands apart in that though it may be small the PSI is 200 max. With that PSI you can accomplish framing, or light roofing as well as any number of tasks.

Points to Ponder

Unlike most compressors the DeWalt DWFP55130 has one unique feature that grabbed my attention. It functions sitting upright as well as lying flat. At 36 lbs. you won’t have to pull your back muscles trying to move it around your shop or to and from the work site. These two features make it easily stored and it will not be underfoot when you are moving around while working. It also is thin not big and bulky like most.

The efficient motor delivers 3.0 standard CFM (cubic feet per minute). It draws only 12 amps with an easy set up. At 12 amps it doesn’t trip breakers and it measures only 14 inches wide. This is an oil-free compressor and basically it is maintenance free. The tank even has an easy accessible ball drain for quick tank draining. These amazing features make this compressor stand apart from its competitors.

DeWalt DWFP55130 Reviews

I had planned to include a Pros and Cons list, but as I scoured the internet for negative reviews of this DeWalt model I couldn’t find any cons. All of the reviews say that it is a great compressor. So many talk about how quiet it is. One review stated that he not only could hear his radio without cranking the volume, but he could also hear his cell phone ring. The PSI levels and dependability were another point of praise. The roll cage, easy to grab handles, and easy to read gauges also got great reviews. Every review that I read also made the fact that it could be run vertically or horizontally a plus. It was reviewed on by 35+ viewers and received 4.7 out of 5 stars (at the time of this writing).

Important Issues

When looking for any tool the price is always a factor for me. I cannot afford to shell a huge amount of money for allot of the equipment that I need to make a profit. The DeWalt DWFP55130 is completely affordable on Right now it is listed at a 50% saving so it really is a steal if you want a quality compressor.


I would highly recommend this Dewalt DWFP55130 Heavy Duty Trim Compressor to anyone looking for a second job site compressor or something that can work for you in trim work, cabinetry, hobbies, or jobs around the house. It charges quickly and packs a punch when you need to pump up a tire on your SUV or those recreational toys. I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.

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