Amazing DIY Backyard Projects That Could Save the World

The green revolution continues as we grow more conscious about the impact we have on our environment. It is no surprise then that DIY projects become popular as well since they involve repurposing and recycling (or upcycling) tools and materials that we already have at home.

This list highlights the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. Not to mention, building something with your own hands can give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Combining the love of customization with the passion for saving the world, here are some DIY backyard ideas that are both eco-friendly and useful.

1. Diaper Gel Mixed with Soil (bet you haven’t done this before)

Incredibly Useful Garden Hack Created By Soaking a Normal Diaper

Source: Cute DIY Projects

If you have babies or toddlers, disposable diapers are going to pile up. Not only that, but they might just end up in a landfill or worse, the oceans.

Why not use the hydrogels inside them and enhance the soil for your garden? They absorb a significant amount of moisture saving you both time and water. Try this now.

2. (Repurposing old tires, pun intended) Tired Projects: see-saw

recycled tire teeter totter

Source: sugar Bee Crafts

Tired tires collecting dust in your garage? Why not saw it in half and make a fun teeter-totter for your (or your neighbor’s) kids?

Aside from an old tire, you just need a wooden board and some nails. Try it by clicking here.

3. Tired Projects: Swing

 Source: Creative Dictator

There’s nothing wrong with going with the classics, and what screams classic better than the good old tire swing? Just grab some thick rope or a metal chain. You can always add modern twists to it by trying this.

4. Tired Projects: Plant box

File:Diy for old tires.jpg

 Source: Commons Wikimedia

Love plants and gardening? Good thing tires are versatile items and can be a modified plant box. You can use a single tire and make a hanging planter for aerial plants.

You can grab a bunch of tires and arrange them to more complex designs; pile them up high or even sculpt them.

5. Tired Projects: Seat


Source: Home Crux

Seeing as how a car has four tires, I thought it appropriate to have at least four tire DIY backyard projects. So for the fourth one, why not turn that tire into a sturdy chair or a whole outdoor lounge set?

6. Fairy Homes Using Plastic Bottles

 Source: Bored Panda

If you have old bottles to spare and backyard that could use some magic, why not try and create your own fairy homes to decorate? They’re sure to be unique and a great way to repurpose those pieces of plastic. Learn how by clicking here.

7. Plant Pots: from the Sole

Source: So Creative Things

Shoes are one of the most wasteful yet necessary things we own. Children outgrow them quickly, and they will wear down with little to no way of repurposing them. When in doubt how to reuse something — plant! This goes for anything and everything you own.

8. DIY Trellis

DIY trellis from tree branches

Source: Bird Sand Blooms

Why buy wires and poles when you can ask for pruned branches or pick them up from that last forest hiking trip? Arrange them accordingly to make your DIY backyard trellis, perfect for climber plants.

Make one by following these steps.

9. Kiddie Garage

Outdoor Toy Car Organization

Source: Mom Endeavors

Grab some PVC pipes and roof panels for this awesome backyard idea, perfect for those who have little tykes zooming in and around the grass. This can also be a great make-shift playhouse or even a dog house. Build this now.

10. DIY Compost Bin

DIY Compost Bin

 Source: Bird Sand Blooms

Your journey as an eco-warrior wouldn’t be complete without building your very own compost bin. Compost bins are one way to make sure your organic waste goes back to nature at the same time, make your soil healthier for plants. Learn how to do it by clicking here.

11. Bee Happy Backyard

DIY Mason Bee House is a great Earth Day craft or Garden Craft for anyone who wants to attract more pollinators to their yard.

Source: Turning Clock Back

Flowers don’t grow and spread on their own. They need to attract pollinators to be able to germinate. Mason bees are great pollinators and will help your garden thrive.

Build them homes and attract other pollinators by following this helpful eco-friendly tutorial here.

12. Light it up: Glass Bottle Torches


Source: Design Sponge

Illuminate your backyard with all those bottles of wine and beer you consumed in your last backyard party. Talk about going full circle and lighting it up with these awesome backyard ideas.

And if you don’t want them fastened to your fence, you don’t have to. Follow these instructions to start.

13. Light it up: Tin Can Lanterns

Source: Elise Engh Studios

There are many ways to save the world, and one of them is conserving energy. Using DIY lanterns instead of high voltage bulbs at night is one way to help, as well as bringing out your creative side.

Light up your garden with tin cans by following this tutorial.

14. Light it up: Hula Hoop Chandelier

 Source: Musely

Another way to be eco-friendly is to use what you have until the end of their shelf-life. Things tend to break during long periods of un-use.

Why not break out those Christmas lights and use them to their full potential by making this creative and beautiful hula hoop chandelier. Try it now.

15. DIY Fruit Crate Cabinet

DIY barbeque furniture made with wooden boxes

 Source: Deco Manitas

Fruit boxes are fantastic containers that can be turned into shelves, seats, tables and even cabinets. It’s no wonder they’d have a place in this list of easy DIY yard projects. Just grab a couple of them, a hammer and some nails, and you’re good to go. Try it here.

16. DIY Birdhouse

Source: Inhabitat

There’s something about birds living near you that makes you feel cheerful. They also act as pollinators and pest control, keeping unwanted pests from destroying your flowers or scaring you with their many legs.

So why not DIY a comfy home for our winged helpers and give them a permanent space in your backyard here.

17. DIY Key Wind Chime

Source: Cancan Dancer

If you ever find yourself burdened with a hundred keys, maybe they accumulated in the drawer or the locksmith had made bad copies, this easy DIY project is for you.

Wind chimes, especially homemade ones, add a touch of character to your backyard not to mention soft tinkling sounds that make you feel like your back porch is alive.

18. Plastic Bottle Planter Fence

Source: Noora Charity

They say good fences make good neighbors and nothing says good than loving the environment. Make your fences extra beautiful and raise environmental awareness by using plastic bottles.

Turn them into planters and have a fence made of flowers for everyone to enjoy.

19. DIY Plastic Bottle Mini Green House

Plastic bottle green house build guide

Source: Fabart DIY

There are so many reasons why plastic bottles can remain in our homes and away from the oceans. If you’re up for a more ambitious DIY, then try this one.

You can even help your local recycling plant by gathering as many plastic bottles as you can. Build them up to make mini greenhouses for your backyard!

20. DIY Weaved Plastic Bag Hammock

Picture of Enjoy!

Source: Instructables

If you’re not into the heavy-lifting DIY, maybe you’d appreciate the intricate details of hand-weaving your hammock out of plastic bags. It’s easy but time-consuming.

But what’s a little time to make sure that there won’t be more plastic than fishes in our oceans? Learn this skill now and save the world in your way.

21. DIY Small Pond

water feature

Source: The Garden Love

With any big plastic container and a solar-powered water pump, you can create your decorative ponds for your backyard. Add some aquatic plants, pebbles, and classy border, and you’re good to go.

Check out the instructions here to start building.

22. DIY Barbecue Grill from Tire Parts


Source: Goods Home Design

What’s a backyard without a trusty grill for all those barbecue parties? Instead of buying a conventional open-fire grill, you can actually just turn an old tire into one.

Just take an iron frame, cut it to size, add some charcoal and place the frame on top of the old steel and you’re all set to fire it up.

23. DIY Palette Patio

 Source: Rkblack

Wooden pallets are definitely one of the most versatile pieces of furniture ever. Complete your perfect backyard by making your own patio lounge set just by pieces these together.

Check out this tutorial for the detailed instructions and start on that comfy outdoor seat you’ve always wanted.

24. DIY Fire Pit

Source: Keeping It Simple Crafts

This isn’t exactly a recycling project, but building a DIY fire pit is not really a bad thing. You can also mix the ashes and leftover charcoal with soil for your garden.

It also gives you a chance to burn branches you pruned off your trees or bushes instead of throwing them away. Build it now.

25. DIY Bicycle Wheel Clothesline

Source: Borganic

Riding bikes has always been such a fun way to learn about balance, and your first bike might have great sentimental value, but honestly, just might be gathering dust in your garage.

Here’s one way to keep your beloved bike but still get some use for it. Take those dented wheels and turn it into a clothesline for your backyard.

26. DIY Bicycle Planter

upcycling bikes into garden decor with amazing flower planters

Source: Upcycled Wonders

Yey, to more bicycle ideas! This time, we’re using the bike frame. This DIY backyard project is perfect for those are after a shabby chic and rustic look.

It can also be a great prop for garden photo shoots or window displays thank its Instagram-worthy styling.

27. DIY Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

Homemade Sprinkler ~ Recycled Materials

Source: Housing A Forest

Since we can’t get over using plastic bottles, we should also be as persevering in looking for uses for them. This is a simple DIY backyard hack that anyone can do.

Simply drill holes in the plastic bottle and attach it to your garden hose. Turn on the waterworks here.

28. DIY Sandbox from Repurposed Shelf

Source: The Homes I Have Made

Want to try converting your backyard to a kid’s playground? You can never go wrong with the timeless sandbox.

You can easily build the box’s frame buy buying planks from the hardware store but if you have an old shelf to spare, why not use that instead?

Try it now.

29. DIY Tether Ball

how to make a tetherball style with cents 3

Source: Style With Cents

Another fun and classic backyard plaything is the tetherball. Gracing playgrounds from around the country, it’s a well-loved favorite among kids and kids-at-heart.

Make your tetherball by upcycling an old tire. You can also try a volleyball that has seen better days and skipping rope if you don’t want to buy a new one.

30. DIY Chalkboard


Source: Crafts By Courtney

Upcycling doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated as some awesome backyard ideas. Sometimes all you need is an old piece of furniture (like a window frame) and paint – chalkboard paint to be exact.

This DIY chalkboard is perfect for your backyard playground. Make one now by following this tutorial.

31. Tree Stump Table

Source: Home Depot

This simple (DIY backyard project) is perfect if you have a tree stump or two. All you need is a board cut to size and attach it securely to your stump base, and you’re done.

This makes for a nice statement piece that your guests would applaud.


Anyone can be an eco-warrior as long as you have the genuine passion for lessening your carbon footprint and making the most of what you have. From the smallest customization projects to the biggest backyard improvements, you can do your part in saving the world with these easy DIY backyard ideas.

Did you enjoy our list? Have ideas of your own? Like and comment to let us know. Let others be eco-warriors as well by sharing this post.