19 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas for Your Home (#7 Is My Favorite!)

DIY Bird Feeder

Do you want to know how to make a bird feeder? Are you looking for DIY bird feeder ideas to install in your home? I have gathered here 19 designs of simple homemade bird feeders for you to consider.

Making bird feeders can be a fun way to spend time with your kids no matter how old they are. Trust me, the unique feeling of seeing birds eating food directly from something you made yourself is priceless.

Aside from relieving some stress, this activity encourages your kids to take care of animals and the environment as well. Without further ado, let’s begin with the first one.

1. There Is Value in the Trash: Bird Feeders From Junk

Jungle Market Style

There are so many things you can do with junk, and that includes homemade bird feeders. Use your imagination to create unique ones from trash. Push your creativity through this activity.

Visit Junk Market Style for more ideas.

2. Simple Design for Kids: Small Jar With Strings

Source: melissacamarawilkins.com

A simple DIY bird feeder that even a small child can make. You only need a small jar and some fabric strings.

Go to Melissa Camara Wilkins’ blog for the tutorial.

3. Convert an Unused Flower Pot Into a Lovely Front Yard Bird Feeder

Source: All Things Heart & Home

Do you have some unused flower pots lying around? You can turn one of them into a hanging bird feeder to decorate your front yard.

Want to try building it? Check out All Things Heart & Home.

4. Recycle Empty Milk Cartons Into Kid-Friendly Bird Feeders

Source: Amanda Medlin

Another fun activity with the kids, recycling milk containers encourages home waste reduction as well. It’s a really worthwhile endeavor for the whole family. You can even invite their friends or classmates for this project.

For more inspiration, take a look at Amanda Medlin’s blog.

5. Another Creative and Eco-Friendly Idea: Recycle Tin Cans

Source: Mom Endeavors

This is similar to the previous idea; however, the only difference is that you’ll be using tin cans that are already on their way to the trash bin. Kids can even paint them.

See Mom Endeavors for the instructions.

6. A Look in the Past: Re-Purpose Old Tea Cups Into Bird Feeders

Source: Mommy Moment

Instead of just letting them occupy precious cupboard space, you can turn old and unused teacups into bird feeders.

Learn the step-by-step instructions at Mommy Moment.

7. Popular to Kids! Custom Lego Bird Feeders (My Favorite, Too!)

Source: Wild About Here

Believe me; this does not fail to excite kids about bird feeding. Even for an adult fan of Lego, like myself, the idea of building a Lego structure to interact with nature is quite interesting.

Get more inspiration at Wild About Here.

8. Grocery Trash: Turn Used Egg Cartons Into Bird Feeders

Source: The Creative Cubby

This is another idea of reusing items on their way to the trash. Can you think about how many times you threw away egg cartons after coming home from the grocery store? It has to stop right now.

Drop by at The Creative Cubby for the detailed instructions.

9. Hanging Window Bird Feeders With Some Woodwork Involved

Source: Ana White

This is an elegant bird feeder designed to be attached to your home windows. Find some scrap wood and four pieces of old suction cups to begin the process of making this cute design.

Check out Ana White’s blog for the plans.

10. Re-Purpose Old Mason Jars Into Hanging Bird Feeders

Source: The Garden Roof Coop

Mason jars look good as ornaments on their own. Why not make them functional at the same time? Consider this for your front porch.

Visit The Garden-Roof Coop for more inspiration.

11. Hanging Bowls: Convert Plastic Utensils Into Bird Feeders

Source: Wildlife Gadgetman

Another great way to reduce waste, you can turn your after-party plastic bowls and straws into a hanging bird feeder in your garden.

Want to make this? See the tutorial at Wildlife Gadgetman.

12. Feed Birds in Style: Upcycle an Old Platter Into a Bird Feeder

Source: Cutesy Crafts

A stylish design using an old silver platter as the base item. If you have one laying around in your house, then this is a good way to upcycle it.

See the instructions at Cutesy Crafts.

13. Re-Purposing Kitchen Utensils: Old Ladle Bird Feeder

Source: Pluska

A quick way to re-purpose old kitchen stuff like a ladle into something valuable. Screw or nail one into an outside wood wall, and it’s done.

Get more ideas at Pluska.

14. Creative Saucer and Bowl Hanging Bird Feeder

Erin’s Creative

A creative idea using a matching pair of saucer and bowl. You could also use a mismatched pair if you want. This would involve some drilling, but is still quite easy to pull off.

Take a look at the instructions at Erin’s Creative.

15. Rustic Bird Feeder Design: Minimalist Shadow Box

Source: The Saw Guy

This is a design created by a professional furniture designer. It’s not that difficult to do on your own, though. Rustic and charming, it could be a good addition to your front porch decorations.

Go to Country Living for the step-by-step tutorial.

16. Upside Down Old Bottle: Traditional Yet Functional

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20140218141354/http://en.espritcabane.com:80/garden/bird-feeder.php

One of the most typical ways of making a bird feeder. You can use any old bottle to make this one. Just remember to clean it thoroughly first before placing the feeds.

For the instructions, go to Wayback Machine.

17. Don’t Throw Away Old Wine Bottles, Turn Them Into Bird Feeders

Source: The Garden Roof Coop

Similar to the previous idea. However, instead of turning the bottles upside down, they are placed right side up.

Want to try creating this? Visit The Garden-Roof Coop.

18. Imaginative Way to Re-Purpose Used Shovel Heads

Source: Antique Farm House

You think old shovel heads have outlived their usage? Think again. This design from Antique Farm House is worth a look.

Take a peek at Antique Farm House’s website for more details.

19. Lastly, a Large Bird Feeder From an Old Chandelier

Source: Feeding Big

A non-functioning light fixture can still be put to good use. See this bird feeder idea from Feeding Big using an old chandelier. You can create multiple bird feeders with one installation.

Check out Feeding Big to see the tutorial.


Did you enjoy reading through this list of DIY bird feeder ideas for your home? Making homemade bird feeders is a really fun and exciting activity to do with your kids. Teach them to take care of animals by showing them how to make a bird feeder.

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