21 Lovely DIY Dog House Plans and Ideas (#11 Is Just Awesome)

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Are you trying to find free DIY dog house plans and ideas online? You came to the right place.

These 21 concepts all come with their specific instructions, so you can try building them on your own. Whether you need large dog house plans or even extra-large dog house plans, I have you covered!

Dogs are not just pets; they are our best friends. They are a part of our family, so we want to give them the most comfortable life possible while they are with us.

DIY Dog House Plans

1. Begin With the Basics: Traditional Dog House

Source: Remove & Replace

Let us start with the basic style. You can change the color scheme if you don’t want it to look too much like Snoopy’s.

To view the instructions, visit Remove and Replace.

2. Stylish Dog House With Front Deck, Raised Bowls, and Toy Box

Source: Jen Wood House

Nice front deck and cool overhang. The raised food bowls and toy storage box making it perfect for your little friend.

Go to The House of Wood for the instructions.

3. Adorable Dog House for Large Dogs (Thumbs Up!)

Source: Build Something

Now, this one is large enough for you to camp in if needed. Cozy enough for a large dog or two medium-sized pooches.

Check out Build Something for the step-by-step tutorial.

4. Another Basic Design (Like Snoopy’s): Simple Dog House

Source: Handyman Tips

Simple has always been beautiful. However, the door could be made bigger for a larger dog to go in and out comfortably.

Take a look at the instructions at Handyman Tips.

5. Log Cabin Style Dog House to Liven Up Your Front Yard

Source: DIY Network

This beautiful log cabin-styled dog house not only provides comfort for your pal but can also be a stunning front yard ornamentation.

See step-by-step instructions at DIY Network.

6. Third Basic Design: Dog House With Name Tag

Another traditional plan, but comes with a name tag installation in front. This is wider than the first two similar designs.

Want to know how to do it? Go to Imgur.

7. Big Dog House Design, Ideal Beside a Shed

Another large or extra-large dog house plans featured in this list. Simple and easy to build, this design looks good beside a garden shed.

Visit Instructables to view the tutorial.

8. Multi-Purpose: Indoor Dog House and End Table

Want to add a unique touch to your end table? Double it into an indoor dog house where your furry friends can sleep all day.

Find DIY instructions at Ana White’s blog.

9. Indoor Dog House Under Stairs, Maximizing Available Space

Another indoor dog house design. It makes the most out of the space underneath the stairs. Cozy place for your little friends.

Check out Imgur to learn how to do it.

10. Extra Large Dog House: As Big as a Tiny Human’s House

Source: Ranum

Perhaps the largest sized dog house design featured in this list. Even adult humans could fit inside.

For instructions on how to do it, go to Ranum.

11. Living in Style: Dog House With Roof Deck

Source: Home Depot

Beautifully designed dog house with roof deck for your favorite pooch. Appropriate for small to large dog sizes. Training might be needed to use the stairs carefully.

Excited to try this project? Visit The Home Depot Community for the step-by-step tutorial.

12. Pallet Wood Dog House, Cost-Effective Option

Source: DIY Craftsy

Make good use of second-hand pallet wood with this simple and rustic dog house design. Lovely front porch and overhang for your little pals.

Go to DIY Craftsy for the step-by-step plan.

13. Warped Roof Dog House Design, Simply Artistic

Source: Ana White

A unique take on the simple dog house design with the warped roof. It also has a space for a name tag. Perfect for little to medium-sized dogs.

Check out Ana White’s blog for instructions.

14. Gazebo Dog House: Is It Breezy Out There?

Source: Jen Wood House

Perfect for sunny or clear weather, this gazebo-designed dog house allows air to blow through. You could also put it indoors when needed.

See the plans at The House of Wood.

15. You Want to Take It to the Next Level? Dog House Camper

Source: Morning Chores

This has a complex design but a worthwhile build. It only fits small to medium-sized pooches, though.

Want to build it? See these pdf instructions by Michael Blunt.

16. Double Dog House for Your Awesome Twosome

Source: Intelligent Domestication

Long design with two doors for entry/exit convenience. This has room enough for two medium-sized dogs, and their soon to be puppies perhaps. That’s sweet!

Check out the plans at Intelligent Domestications.

17. Geometric Dog House, Strange Design but Still Cozy

Source: Home Made Modern

Even with its eccentric design, this is surprisingly easy to build. Great for smaller dogs and appropriate for both indoors and outdoors.

Take a look at the tutorial at Home Made Modern.

18. Comfortable in Nature: Dog Beach House Design

Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/4qMaJ/new

The charming design makes good use of nature/beach house theme. Plus, the shaded porch has enough space for your furry friend to play around any time of the day.

Visit Imgur for the tutorial.

19. Ranch-Style Dog House for Your Front Porch or Lawn

Source: Sunset.com

Another rustic and straightforward build design, but stylish enough to be placed on your front porch or lawn. Could fit medium to large dogs.

Find the DIY instructions at Sunset.

20. Simple and Easy-to Build Dog House With Porch

Source: DIY Girl Cave

Quick and simple to build, this design could make good use of recycled lumber. The porch is big enough for dogs to hang out in.

Look at the tutorial at DIY Girl Cave.

21. Extra Large Design: Robust Duplex Dog House

Source: Instructables

Appropriate for large to extra-large breeds, this dog house is sturdy and tough. The build is ideal to place on spacious yards.

Check out Instructables for the instructions.


I hope you liked this list of 21 DIY dog house plans and ideas. As pet owners, we have the responsibility of providing our pets with appropriate shelters. These DIY plans would not only save us money and resources but could also help recycle old or used stuff.

Do you have any more dog house ideas? Kindly share them in the comments. Please share this article with friends who need it. Thank you!

DIY Dog House Plans