21 Stunning DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas (#9 Is Way Too Cool!)

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Are you looking for pallet furniture ideas to do at home? These 21 stunning DIY pallet furniture concepts will help get your creative juices flowing. Plus, some of them are pretty easy to make, too!

Upcycling wooden pallets into furniture have become a trend as people become more aware of how to take care of the environment. Aside from giving me the opportunity to help nature, repurposing wooden pallets also allow me to save money and create custom furniture that I designed myself.

Those are great benefits that come from creating your pallet furniture. Without further ado, here are some ideas to get you started.

21 Stunning DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

1. Start Simply: Simple Wall Shelf (They Had No Idea It Was DIY!)

Source: PalletUniversity

Have you ever experienced being continuously complimented because of a small piece of furniture? This simple wall shelf made from upcycled pallet wood did it for me.

Do you want to do it yourself? See full instructions at Pallet University.

2. Then Try Something a Bit More Complicated: Small Boxes

Source: TheSawGuy

This is a little bit more intricate to create, but still appropriate for beginner woodworkers. Involves lots of cutting, yet worth it in the end.

Visit Instructables to learn how to DIY it.

3. Going Back to Basics: Rustic Pallet Accent Wall

Source: Pinterest

Quite simple to do, but perhaps makes the biggest impact in a room. You decide how stunning you want your wall to be.

Check out full instructions at Addicted 2 DIY.

4. Living Room Accent Décor: Wooden Picture Frame

Source: Morning Chores

Quite a striking piece of décor that has a lot of texture. Perfect to highlight framed family pictures or notable papers you want to show off in your living room.

For building instructions, visit DIY Projects With Pete.

5. Great for Indoors or Outdoors: Simple Pallet Sofa

Source: MymyDIY

This simple pallet sofa can be used indoors or outdoors and will still look cool. Cheap and easy to make, it is big and versatile to cover your bases.

For instructions, go to Instructables.

6. Multi-Purpose Coffee Table to Store Reading Materials

Source: TheMerryThought.com

This has a fairly complex build that has a lot of uses. The concealed nook under the main surface serves as storage for magazines and books. Sweet!

Visit The Merrythought for the step-by-step instructions.

7. Minimalist Side Table to Compliment Living Room Coffee Table

Source: Ana-White.com

Easy-to-make side table to go with your living room coffee table. Two thumbs up for the beautiful stained finish.

Take a look at the build instructions at Eat. Live. Play.

8. Living Room Highlight: TV Stand and Media Console

This farmhouse style TV console is perfect for storing your electronics, or us it in the dining room as a sideboard to hold serving dishes and decor. Designed by The Gritty Porch with building plans by Remodelaholic.

Source: TheSpruceCrafts.com

There is no better furniture to act as the focus of your living room than this. It is somewhat tricky to DIY, but stylish and elegantly rustic when finished.

There are step-by-step instructions at Remodelaholic for your convenience.

9. Lighted Pallet Bar (This One Is for Adults Only!)

Source: Easy Pallet Ideas

Great living room addition, but can also be used for dad’s private man-cave. The lit design only enhances the party atmosphere.

Check out the step-by-step instructions at Easy Pallet Ideas.

10. From Living Room to Dining Area With This Family Dining Table

Source: TheSpruce.com

Perfect for the whole family. Quite complex to build, but this gorgeous dining table would make every meal fun and satisfying.

Visit Scrap Hacker for the 10-step tutorial.

11. Or You Can Opt for This Complete Dining Table and Chairs Set

Source: Wood Pallets Furniture

Complete dining set with tables and chairs lets you have a uniform design. It can be used indoors or outdoors as well.

Watch an instructional video at Amadougdoug’s YouTube channel.

12. Large Pallet Wood Wall Clock, Perfect Dining Room Décor

Source: Imged.me

This serves as a perfect adornment for your dining area. Beautiful and functional, its rustic charm complements well with your room’s countryside-inspired theme.

View step-by-step instructions at Welcome to the Woods’ YouTube channel.

13. Spruce Up Your Dining Area With This Pallet Wood Cupboard

Source: 1001Pallets.com

Every dining room needs a cupboard. Its multi-purpose cabinet design also acts as a TV rack. Steel handle and hinges give it an interesting look.

See building instructions at Bone T’s YouTube channel.

14. Add Spice With a Hanging Indoor Pallet Garden Wall

Source: LiveToManage.com

You can grow some spices right in your dining room with this indoor hanging wall garden. It cleans the surrounding air as well. Nice place for your indoor plants to grow.

Go to Handimania for the building instructions.

15. Pallet Wood Kitchen Cabinets Are Cool Storage Options

Source: Homeisd.com

Now, moving on to the kitchen; these cabinet design provides lots of storage for all kitchen utensils and equipment. The surface can also be used as countertops.

Learn the full step-by-step instructions at Domestic Imperfection.

16. Simple Kitchen Island Adds Storage and Countertop Options, Too!

Source: MorningChores.com

A simple way to add countertop and storage options. Cheap and easy to build, it is a wise addition to your kitchen.

Visit Noting Grace for the full instructions.

17. Hanging Coffee Mug Holder Gives Character to Your Kitchen Walls

Source: HomeBnc.com

This coffee mug holder not only gives appeal to your kitchen walls but also provides a trendy storage for all your stray coffee cups.

View instructional video at DIY Ideas for Home and Garden’s YouTube channel.

18. Multi-Purpose Pallet Trunk to Solve Your Storage Needs

Source: Instructables

This is another easy-to-build pallet wood trunk that can fill your storage requirement needs. Build one or build a few, it’s up to you.

Learn how to make one by visiting Instructables.

19. Upcycle an Old Dresser With Pallet Wood Drawers

Source: MorningChores

Appropriate for both adults and kids. Freshly-made pallet wood drawers enhanced an old dresser to make something new and modern.

Go to We Lived Happily Ever After for the instructions.

20. Upgrade Your Sleeping Gear With a Minimalist Bed Frame

Source: ArchitectureDesigns.com

Quite simple to make, this unobtrusive bed frame sets up easily without a headboard. You can also paint it with your preferred color.

See the instructions at Your Observer.

21. Lastly, Pair the Bed Frame With a Minimalist Bedside Nightstand

Source: 99 Pallet Ideas

The perfect match to a pallet bedside frame, a minimalist bedside nightstand has lots of uses.

You can see a version of it in an instructional video by MG Makes.

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Did you like this list of 21 DIY pallet furniture concepts you can immediately make at home? Aside from being eco-friendly, pallet-building also saves you money and resources plus allows you to express your creative side by having customized furniture.

Do you have more pallet furniture ideas? Please share them in the comments. Also, kindly share this article with your friends if you enjoyed it. Thanks!

21 Stunning DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

21 Stunning DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas