29 Effortless DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas in Minutes

The elements of a rustic home decor include wood, stone, natural colors, and funky or earthy materials. You can use burlaps, pieces of jute, glass or anything you can find in your home to upcycle or repurpose.

We round up a list of 31 DIY rustic home decor ideas that you can use to transform your house in minutes. Our list starts with single items that you can finish in 10 minutes or less. It progresses to more complex projects, but these are still effortless and you can do in more than 10 minutes.

Effortless DIY Rustic Home Decor

1. Handle Makeover (It’s Easy as ABC)

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Source: House Revivals

This simple DIY rustic home décor can revivify your cabinet handle in no time. It’s so easy to do that you can close your eyes while making them.

Just kidding! Of course, you’ll need to keep your eyes open to see your stunning yet simple creation.

Make them now and see how your cabinets look after the makeover.

2. Aged Candlestick (They’re Nothing but Aged)

Source: Designed Decor

Candlesticks are fantastic centerpieces or accents. Besides, they give that old century vibe when electricity was a farfetched notion some hundred years ago. You can move these candlesticks anywhere you want in your home.

If you collect candlesticks and want to repurpose these candlesticks like us, this is the right DIY project for you. With a bit of repair and distressing techniques, you’ll have aged candlesticks in no time.

3. Lamp Mod 2.0 (Do it 10 Minutes or Less)

Source: Amy Allender

Do you have lamps around your house that look boring? You can breathe new life into them by using hot glue and twine.

The good thing is you can always remove the twine if you get tired of the rustic look. But, will you ever get bored with the rustic look? We don’t because it gives us a warm and homey feeling.

4. Wall the Mason Jar (It’s Simply Attractive)

Source: The Hamby Home

Mason jars and pieces of plank wood are you need to create a pair of wall décors. You can mount it in your kitchen, your bedroom or the bathroom.

You can place candles to give your home a nice warm glow during the fall or winter or put a flower or two to add some colors during summer or spring.

5. Wood Blocks Wall Décor (Mount Them Up The Wall)

Source: My Patch Of Blue Sky

The old way of displaying collections is to place them in a cabinet or atop a table. Revamp your displays and mount them on the wall.

This DIY project is super easy to do. You’d be finished before you even get to enjoy what you’re doing. Plus, your collections are in full display for your guests to appreciate.

6. Easy-to-Make Wood Planter (Doubles as Centerpiece Anytime)

Source: I Heart Nap Time

This wood planter is versatile in its own way. With four pieces of pallet wood and few finishing nails, you can assemble this project in less than 10 minutes.

Brighten your table with this easy-to-make wood planter. You can make it as a centerpiece in your dining table during parties. Alternatively, you can put it on top of a medium height bookcase.

7. Shelves Everywhere (Make and Mount Them Anywhere)

Source: Lolly Jane

Distressing or sanding a project is a challenge. You’ll need the right technique to pull it off.

In this DIY project, put your distressing skills into practice. Gather those ordinary looking shelves and turn them into rustic home decoration.

When you’re done, you can mount these farmhouse shelves anywhere you want.

8. Say it With Love (Simple Yet Expressive)

Source: Hymns And Verses

Accentuate your bedroom with this simple expression of love. This décor would create a refreshing look to your bedroom.

You’ll need a few nails, jute, hammer and of course, your love of the rustic style. If you’re not up to mounting a huge wood on top of your headboard, you can install it in your sitting room.

9. Three-Tiered Wooden Stand (Rock Your Party With This Rustic Centerpiece)

Source: Personally Andrea

Wood is one of the most used materials for rustic home decor ideas. If you have a large piece of log sitting in your backyard, turn it into a stand that will impress your guests.

You use it to accommodate your finger foods or simply display other decors in your home.

10. Mirror, Mirror, Rustic Mirror (Show Me How It is Done)

Source: The Wood Grain Cottage

Mirrors reflect light and cause an illusion of spacious area. Upcycle your old mirror and turn it into a work of art.

You can place it in your living room, your dresser, or your bathroom. This life-size rustic design can refresh an otherwise plain looking space.

11. Wooden Chalkboard (Say Your Thoughts With Chalk)

Source: A Blossoming Life

Inspire others with this chalkboard. You can display it on your porch so anyone who passes can read what you have to say.

Create this chalkboard now and start expressing your thoughts with chalk. You may never know if one inspiring quote daily can change the life of someone in your neighborhood.

12. Tables and Ladders (Sounds like Snakes and Ladders)

Source: Funky Junk Interiors

Side tables are everywhere in your home. Why not remove one and replace it with a more rustic style to complement the modern look of your home?

Don’t worry! You don’t need excellent carpentry skills to assemble this side table. A ladder and a few pieces of wood are all you need.

13. Rustic Gallery Wall (Tell Your Story With Confidence)

Source: Love Grows Wild

With a bit of sanding and two clipboards, you can create a simple and yet versatile photo frame. Hang these photo frames and build a gallery wall.

You can change the photos anytime. You don’t even have to worry about broken glass when someone knocks them over.

Create yours now and hang those beautiful moments in your life.

14. Table Double the Fun (Or Should I Say Rack?)

Source: Remodel  Aholic

With 2 X’s on each side, your finish project can double as a table or a rack. Whatever the final purpose of your project, this amazing DIY is another addition to your rustic decors.

This project may require a few woodworking skills. But, it’s still reasonably simple for beginners in DIY.

Test your woodworking skills and make this beautiful table (or is it a rack?).

15. Bookshelf and Crates (Give Your Books a New Home)

Source: Jen Wood House

Are you a book lover looking for ways to display your book collections with a rustic feel? We got you covered.

This project is super simple to assemble. You need pallets, a power drill, and creativity to build this awesome bookshelf.

16. Scrappy Christmas Tree (Not Your Ordinary Tree)

Source: Marty’s Musings

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s time again to decorate and think of ways to celebrate this special time of the year. With this repurposed scraps of wood, you’ll have a rustic décor in time for the special season.

You can add some quotes on each plank of wood. Alternatively, decorate the edges with your favorite Christmas decors.

What are you waiting for? Do this project now and prepare your home for Christmas.

17. Backsplash the Area (You Will Never Go Wrong)

Source: Marty’s Musings

A backsplash is a way of enhancing your walls. If you have some woods rotting in a corner, turn them into a nice backsplash for your kitchen.

The natural color of the woods makes the colors in your kitchen pop out.

18. Hang the Basket Lamp (Do It in as Little as 10 Minutes)

Source: Recreated Designs

This project is super simple. You don’t even need woodworking skills to finish it.

What do you need? Only three things. A bulb, a basket, and a hook.

Find the right place to hang your lamp. It could be near your reading area or a gallery wall.

Make this basket lamp now and see how it looks in your home.

19. Welcome the Ironing Board (Your Guest Will Definitely Ask for It)

Source: The Rustic Pig

Ditch that welcome mat in your home and try this DIY project. With an old ironing board, welcome your guest with a rustic feel.

You’ll need some sanding techniques and nice letterings to complete the ensemble. Accentuate the welcome board with a burlap.

20. Hang Your Photos in a Ladder (Recycle the Twigs)

Source: Creative Ambitions

Accentuate a corner in your house with this photo ladder. All you need is a hammer, some nails, and screw eyes. You can hang your pictures or any décor in between.

Try it now and breathe new life into a dull corner.

21. Ladder and Lights (What a Great Combination for a Rustic Feel)

Source: The White Cottage Farm

Turn your dining room into a beautiful piece of art. With an old ladder and some lights, wow your mom, dad, or your partner with this ingenious DIY project.

The lights brighten your dining area in the most remarkable way. Your dining room will be brighter and livelier than before.

22. Rustically Sort Your Mails (Get Organized Even to the Minute Details)

Source: Fox Hollow Cottage

Have a pile of letters or postal mails to sort out? Worry no more. This DIY rustic décor can help you sort your letters in no time.

This DIY project needs a few woodworking skills to pull it off. But, the project is nothing complicated.

Gather your supplies and build this project.

23. DIY Coffee Shelf (Warm Coffee, Warm Feelings)

Source: Cool DIY Ideas

Morning coffee is something we almost do every day, any hour of the day. How beautiful would it be to see your coffee mugs and other essentials organized in one shelf?

Try this DIY project to keep your coffee essentials in one place.

24. Coffee Table as Centerpiece (Warm Coffee, Warm Feelings part 2)

Source: Cool DIY Ideas

You got an essential coffee organizer. Now, pair it with a coffee table. This DIY table can double as a centerpiece in your sitting room.

The natural color of the wood will complement the neutral color of your living room. Get your tools and start building this table.

25. Decorate with Lanterns (Who Says They’re Only for Christmas)

Source: Diva Of DIY

Think out of the box. Decorate your home with these amazing decors. Lanterns are for all season.

Turn those wooden crates or any piece of wood in your backyard. Bring out the beauty of your backyard or porch with these lovely lanterns.

26. Organize Your Keys (So You Wouldn’t Lose Them)

Source: Pinspired To DIY

Requiring a few woodworking skills, this key organizer is a great addition to your entryway. When you’re done with it, you won’t need to worry about misplacing your keys.

Build this project with the help of someone who knows basic woodworking. Or, if you’re good at following instructions, you can follow our guidelines in making this rustic décor.

27. Dining Lights With a Rustic Edge (Industrial + Rustic = Awesome)


Source: Lia Griffith

Who says you can’t combine industrial with a rustic style? No one.

Remember, creativity doesn’t have limits. Arts is anything aesthetic to your eyes.

This simple project is so awesome you’d want every ceiling in a room with this. Try it now and transform your dining area.

28. Stump Table on the Side (Easiest, Simplest DIY Ever)

Source: Hello Lidy

Those tree rings are so beautiful to look at. It reminds us of a forest with the smell of moss and earth.

So, if you have a wood stump lying lonely in your backyard, find it now. Get your woodworking skills into action. Make this project to complement other rustic decors in your home.

29. Versatile Palette Hits the Head Board (Palette Are Everywhere)

Source: Liz Marie Blog

Tired of your white headboard? Get this DIY project. Refurbish the look of your bedroom with this rustic décor idea.

The primary material is nothing but good old palettes. As you can see, we’ve used palette throughout this article. There’s so versatile that you use them in any rustic décor project.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our list? We hope that you did because we’ve put our best efforts to bring you the simplest and yet most ideal rustic decors for your home.

We’ve tried many of these DIY rustic decors. They made our abode warmer and homier.

We appreciate if you share us your thoughts about these projects. If you have some DIY rustic home decor ideas you think are awesome, you can share them also to us.