Dremel MS20-01 Compact Scroll Saw Kit Review

Cutting out intricate designs in small pieces of wood has never been easier with Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw. Unlike other products of the same purpose, this new model has the capability of being portable.

It is specially designed to help out workers and designers who move all the time.

With its corded electric power source, the Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw can basically be plugged in anywhere. This power tool features a detachable coping function and is also able to cut through different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and even laminates.

Variable Speed Controls for Easy Cutting

What makes this product unique is its ability to cut better with no limitations on the kind of materials used. While some portable saw kits are only restricted to wood cutting, such is not the case for Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw.

The change in speed will allow for improved and detailed cutting for most materials. There is no need to worry if too much pressure can break your piece because this power tool is able to adjust. Whether its wooden pieces, thin metals, or slabs of plastic, this scroll saw can accomplish its task easily.

There is also the auto tensioning mechanism that is partnered with this feature. For accessory changes and also for the changing of blades, these two combined features makes this power tool a great option for cutting through different kinds of materials, regardless of quantity.

Clamp Base for Stress-Free Mounting

This portable power tool also comes with a very convenient feature – the clamp base. With an emphasis on its portability, this attribute allows easier mounting and placement in various surfaces.

The clamp that the product comes with is very stable and secure. Movement while cutting will be greatly minimized, and this equates to more accurate details. There is no need to worry about not cutting it straight.

Best of all, the Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw is only 4.7 pounds in weight.

Dremel MS20-01 Features

  • Equipped with a dust port adaptor for clear work space while cutting.
  • Easy accessory change and blade positioning with the quick change mechanism that comes with an auto-tensioning feature.
  • Coping function is detachable for portability.
  • Optimal cutting results because of variable speed control mechanism
  • Convenient mounting with the fast clamp base that can be attached to benches, tables, and other surfaces.

Dremel MS20-01 Reviews

This product has already garnered almost 300 reviews, and most of them lean towards the positive aspects. It is mostly emphasized that this model is a great leap compared to its predecessor. It is more portable and also comes with features that are better suited for cutting through different materials.

There is also the good results that are associated with this machine. Since there are more options for accessory changes and blade tensioning, users have talked about this greatly improved aspect. More accurate cuts and details can be seen as a result. The new capabilities definitely make this small tool a very powerful contender for the best product in its category.

Things for Improvement

One customer pointed out that this product is only able to use pin ended blades. This decreases its versatility in a way because of its limited supply. The pins from the blade also have a tendency to pop out.

The blades also have to be compatible with the saw and it cannot be bought from local stores. Trying to fix generic blades to this product were not effective since they either are too small or too big for use. Shipping cost for its exclusive blades is not practical as well, so this is one area that might raise some concern.


There is great potential for this product when it comes to portability and versatility because it comes with features that allow for cutting through different materials with varying hardness. This cannot be said for all compact scroll saws in the market. The

The Dremel MS20-01 Compact Scroll Saw is a great option for workers who intend to have more accurate results for their projects. May it be wood, laminates, or even plastics, the latest model of this product is able to deliver satisfactory results. Users have commented on its good aspect, but there is one point that needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing this model, and that is the area of blades replacement.

After improvements can be implemented for the popping pins and incompatible blades, it seems that this product can be utilized very well for most crafts. Whether it is being used for personal or commercial purposes, it will be able to deliver the expected outcome. Reviews are mostly positive as well, and this shows that customers are satisfied so far with the product even if it is their first time using it. DO check out other scroll saw reviews too!