ESI 130 Timing Light Review

ESI 130 Timing Light is one of the most awaited mechanic tools in the market. It is very simple yet its quality rivals the top timing lights available on the market. ESI 130 Timing Light could be accurate as proven by its minimum 14,000 rpm. The product is compatible for up to four cycle engines and measures all ignition systems. Furthermore, you could anticipate it to resist up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your scope of work could be measured effectively with its standard lead length of four feet. During work, you will find it easier to carry with other equipment. Furthermore, at all speeds, it brightly flashes for more efficient measurements.

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14,000 RPM Timing System Accuracy

ESI 130 Timing Light has an exceptional accuracy, which makes it more reliable. Not all timing light products can effectively track changes and lead to right conclusions. Incorrect readings may cause you to think that your ignition timing is advanced. As a result, you will delay the timing more than necessary.

ESI 130 Timing Light has an accuracy rate of 14,000 rpm at the minimum. With its dependable accuracy rate, you could use it for industrial, marine, snowmobile, racing engine, or other small systems timing. There are no delays or perceptible differences that would minimize engine efficiency.

Two to Four Cycle Engines Compatibility

The timing light is suitable for both two- and four-cycle engines. In other words, ESI 130 Timing Light could support an engine running in four strokes, such as compression, power, exhaust, and intake. It has the ability to trace these strokes to bear on the engine’s capability to shift in the proper rotational direction. ESI 130 Timing Light has the right features to adjust your engines’ timing regularly to optimize efficiency. It assures that firing of spark occurs at the appropriate ignition cycle period.

Apart from the old four-stroke system, the timing light is also capable of preventing top-dead-center or TDC issue, which is characterized by the piston getting caught at the wrong moment. Consequently, the engine will suffer from a backward operation.

ESI 130 Features & Specifications

  • Accurate up to at least 14,000 RPM
  • Compatible with two or four cycle engines
  • Suitable for all ignition systems
  • Does not require 12-volt battery connection
  • Tool for snowmobile, marine, industrial, racing, and other small systems timing
  • Available with protective sleeve

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ESI 130 Reviews

The timing light received an editor’s rating of 9.2 out of 10.

Most of the feedbacks on ESI 130 Timing Light are positive. According to the clients, it worked great, such as on 78 Honda CT 90 and 66 Chevrolet Pickup Truck. The customers praised the timing light’s convenience of use since it only requires a single wire and powers by itself. It would work either on six or 12-volt system as claimed. The timing light was commended for running on a couple of “D” cells.

In spite being used continually, the product would always be protected by its rubber housing at the light’s end. The solid structure of the product makes it hard to be scratched easily. The sturdiness of the product is offset by its light weight.

Regardless of your engine, the product would work as proven by the people who bought it. It worked on outboard engines without issues during operation. The four-foot cable of the timing light is enough for any purpose. You simply have to clip the sensor on the first plug wire and spark it at the timing mark.

The clients expressed approval of the product’s miscellaneous features, such as price and delivery. Given its high quality, the timing light is priced reasonably. Furthermore, it is delivered as intended. If you need assistance from the manufacturer, the support team is always free to help.

Most importantly, there are no false readings or signals reported concerning the timing light’s use.

Things to Improve

Some of the clients disclosed their improvement suggestions for ESI 130 Timing Light. According to their statements in general, the light could have been brighter, which makes it less effective to use when the sun is high. Nonetheless, it could work perfectly inside your garage.

Despite this brighter light proposition by clients, it is an effective and simple-to-use timing light. It is completely functional, which is a major requirement for a timing light.


In consideration of the ESI 130 Timing Light features and basic specifications, you could already say that this industrial grade product is worth the buy. If you are looking for a self-powered timing light, it is a tool to consider.  In consideration of its previous clients’ positive reviews and minor complaints, the timing light is a great professional equipment regardless of the engine being checked.

Nonetheless, if you are still looking for other alternatives, you may read other best timing light reviews for comparison.

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