Excalibur Scroll Saw 16 inch Scroll Saw Review

Like the legendary sword of King Arthur handed to him by the Lady of the Lake (not to be confused with the Sword in the Stone), the Excalibur 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a smaller but still dependable version of the Excalibur 21-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw or even the 30-inch variant. It has a unique design (which is observed in-depth below) that allows for smoother cutting operation on one of the most stable platforms you’ll ever see in a scroll saw setup. You won’t have issues cutting at an angle for miter cuts or cutting straight. What’s more, it’s a snap to change the hanging blades. You don’t need tools to get blades replaced and installed as safely as possible.

Excalibur Scroll Saw 16 inch

Unique Tilting Head

The Excalibur 16-Inch Scroll Saw has a unique tilting head design that allows you great mobility and adjustability when cutting work pieces at an angle for bevel and miter cuts or cutting straight on in a squared and precise fashion. This is one of the unique benefits of this brand of saw, in fact. Everything is designed with stability in mind regardless if you’re making angular or straight cuts. That’s because the arm houses a head that can tilt 45 degrees on its own, which gives you better control over all your cuts without letting vibrations, noise, or anything else ruin their precision. Instead of tilting a table, you’re tilting the head, which makes all the difference in terms of how squared and precise your cuts are. 

Easy Blade Change

Aside from having a feature that allows you to precisely cut or define your work, the Excalibur 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw also makes it easy to change your blades in a snap without using tools or without injuring yourself since it’s so easy to do and have safety measures included to keep the blade from cutting up the user. It has blade clamps that you can operate by finger to remove a dulled blade and effortlessly replace it with a newer blade. The Excalibur 16-Inch Scroll Saw is the scroll saw for you if you wish to add versatility when you work. Its capabilities are myriad, thus allowing you to accomplish more with your every trip to the workshop.


Here are the specs of the Excalibur 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw.

  • Large Work Area: The Excalibur 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw has a large work area of about 12 inches by 18½ inches (the size of the table surface).
  • Upper Arm Lift: The upper arm lift of the Excalibur 16-Inch Scroll Saw serves as an ideal tool for blade threading through fret work.
  • Great Packaging: The saw comes bolted down with ¼ inch of plywood and a double-boxed cardboard, thus keeping it safe throughout its delivery.
  • Includes Blades and a Manual: Instead of buying blades separately, it comes with blades and a user manual explaining how to use the saw.
  • Quietness:This is one of the quietest saws you’ll ever get your hands on.
  • Accessibility: Aside from easy access to the top and bottom arms, the well-made Excalibur 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw also allows for effortless blade changes as well.

Customer Reviews 

I love this saw. With the Excalibur 16-Inch Scroll Saw, you can use standard five inch blades available at all your nearest hardware stores and home improvement depots all over the country. I personally purchased skill blades to maximize my cutting power. Like King Arthur, I felt like a monarch whose commands were made into reality. I never had any problems using the Excalibur 16-Inch Scroll Saw because it has good coverage in what things I could cut apart. As for my woodworking projects, the sky is the limit in what I could make because of how adaptable this saw is in cutting different materials.

The Excalibur 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Sawhas received 18 reviews and has a 4.6 rating on Amazon.com.


As people might have feared, the 4.6 rating from a mere 18 customers can be a cause of alarm, since it’s just a small sample of persons using a relatively unknown scroll saw that doesn’t have the reputation and pedigree of a DeWalt. What’s more, even though it can last at least two years, it has issues when it came time to repair it when it finally broke down. There’s at least one customer from Amazon.com who had issues in making his Excalibur work after it stopped working. He had problems getting parts because the saw is made from Canada and it’s too expensive to shop these OEM parts to the U.S.


If you wish for a reparable saw when it breaks down, then you should buy American like DeWalt. Such companies have parts readily available stateside. If you’re okay with a cheaper brand that has parts you have to ship all the way from Canada when you have to repair it, then the Excalibur 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a decent saw for you. Aside from its repair flaws, it’s a dependable, flexible, and adaptable scroll saw with varying speeds that you can use for woodworking, intarsia, toy creation, workshop projects, and (of course) scrolling applications. You also have the option to buy the 30-inch and 21-inch variants for all those bigger work pieces. Check out more best scroll saw reviews here.