Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Auto-Dark Helmet Review

The Hobart 770753 Auto-Dark Helmet is the welding helmet you should buy if you want a technological and durable protective gear in any of your welding jobs. The helmet mainly offers high performance with its wide viewing area with the dimensions of 3.82 x 2.36 inches.

The vast visibility of the material you are working on as well as your workplace enables you to be more efficient in welding. Thanks to this helmet, you will not have to compromise your job with visibility issues.

The helmet also features independent arc sensors in front of the helmet to ensure that the welder can see the arc sparks even with difficult welding positions. This is essential in keeping other features of the helmet usable such as the auto-darkening function. No matter what welding position you need to assume, the arc sensors will help you deliver proper art detection to ensure that quality of your work.

LCD Lens Technology

This technological feature of Hobart 770753 intensifies the protection of your eyes while welding. The LCD lens technology’s primary function is to protect your eyes from the flushing as you perform a variety of welding tasks.

The LCD lens is durable enough to withstand the flashes from the material you are working on. When welding, eye protection is of utmost importance, which is why specialized and technological features such as the LCD lens are essential.

Variable Shade Settings

The Hobart 770753 offers different shade settings ranging from #8 to #13. The light state is at #3. The welder can adjust the shade and light settings in correspondence to the environmental and material requirements. As many factors affect the shade requirements, the variable shade settings are critical for any welder.

Hobart 770753 Features & Specifications

Here are the features and specifications of Hobart 770753:

  • Viewing Area Dimension – 3.82 inches x 2.36 inches, largest in its class, for maximum visibility
  • Quick switching speed – for eye protection (1/30 000 second response time)
  • Delay control –  situated between 0.1 and 1.0 seconds
  • Auto power switch on and off – for convenience
  • Arc sensors (4) – for reliable arc detention of difficult positions; for accuracy
  • Modifiable ratcheting headgear designed with gel pad- for utmost comfort and great fit
  • Magnifying glass or cheater lens compatible
  • Power Source – 2 replaceable lithium batteries for easy and fast sustenance of power and low power indicator to signal when you need to change batteries to prevent welding disruption
  • Material – Polymide for durability
  • Weight – 3 pounds, relatively lightweight, to avoid neck strain and ensure comfort
  • Has a protective helmet bag and extra set of covers for the clear protective lens- to sustain durability and longevity of the helmet; easy transport
  • Compliance with ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CSA/CD standards

Hobart 770753 Reviews & Ratings

As of this writing, the Hobart 770753 has received 12+ reviews with all but one of these reviews are positive feedback. The satisfied customers said that this helmet was a pleasure to use. The client highlighted that it was excellent and worth every cent for it.

He mentioned that the optics were good and that the helmet was light. Another customer said that the Hobart 770753 was worth its price adding that it does exactly what it has claimed. Another customer, on the other hand, stated that this helmet was comparable to an expensive one. Most of the buyers exclaimed that you get the value of what you pay for with this helmet, and they are happy with what the product they have received.

Things to Improve

However, among these satisfied customers is one not-so-satisfied buyer. He gave the helmet a 3-star rating because of the head gear leave. He found it less desirable, especially when the helmet is positioned upwards. The tightening of the knobs did no help, according to the customer. But he did mention that the optic quality of the helmet was great, and it was lightweight.

All in all, the Hobart 770753 is a well-loved welding helmet with the majority of the reviews being 5-star ratings for it. Also, the critical review for this helmet has still good feedback for it.


The Hobart 770753 is used by customers for different welding jobs, assuming various positions. The four arc sensor of the helmet guarantees accuracy even on the tasks that require out-of-the-position welding. It is a tool that you can rely on to provide comfort and protection from flushing. It will be easy to master welding with this helmet with the enhanced visibility and arc detention that it offers.

The unit itself is durable with its polyimide material. It is also professional looking. This being said, there is no need to worry about the sturdiness of the material and the protection that you will receive because of this. It deserves to be on the list of the best welding helmets. The Hobart 770753 is a certified winner with all of it features.

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