24 DIY Home Organization Hacks for Everyone

24 DIY Home Organization Hacks for Everyone

With platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, sharing home organization hacks has never been easier. The internet has been a wonderful tool in solving everyday problems for the average Joe and Jane.

This guide on how to organize your house is arranged according to your hobby and interests makes it easier.

Whether you’re the house’s bookworm, the tech-wiz or the dependable handyman, there are ways to organize your room.

For the Handy Man (or Woman) of the House

Whether it’s a whole garage or just an old box under the staircase, every home has tools. Since many are tired of rummaging through old and beaten tool boxes, the latest DIY organization hacks include seeing all your tools, neatly arranged, and easy to grab from the wall.

1. Peg Board for Garage Tools

To accomplish this, all you’d need is a peg board and metal hooks. With the peg board’s multiple holes, you can easily adjust the hooks to hold anything and everything. Remember to store the heaviest tools at the bottom and the lightest tools at the top.

Learn how to DIY this with the help of LifeHacker.

2. Hanging Rack for Large Tools

For those who do not want to buy a peg board or for those bigger tools, another option is to DIY your very own hanging rack. Use new steel rods, wooden rods, or repurpose old pipes for this project. Aside from your poles, all you’d need is a blank wall space, a drill, and some nails.

Learn how to create this in five steps.

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

Need to organize the small stuff: nails, screws, and bolts? A nice hack is the good ol’ pillbox. Cheaper than conventional organizers, it keeps all those little knickknacks safe and easy to spot.

For the Busy Professional

Are you working from home? Do you need to declutter your office space? Chances are you have a load of unorganized papers, maybe some notes and memos all scattered in your desk.

I bet there may even be pens rolling around and are never found when you need them. Say no more, here’s how to organize your workspace.

1. Keep Reminders in Plain View

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For those little memos and reminders: use a board.

Cork boards are easy to use and can be DIY-ed by attaching pieces of cork (like those from wine bottles) in a flat piece of wood or chipboard. Or better yet, repurpose an old dartboard. Bull’s eye!

Create a cork board from wine corks in four steps. Find the guide here.

2. String ‘Em Up!

No board? No problem. Take an old picture frame, some jute strings (or some thick thread), wooden pegs, paper clips, and even your office binder clips, and hang your loose papers.

3. Repurpose Old Floppy Disks

Here are some DIY organization hacks to prevent your pens from rolling off your desk. Get four to five old floppy disks and some cable ties or cords to tie the corners, and you have a professional looking pen holder.

Find the complete instructions from Instructables.

4. Wooden Pen Holder

A block of wood, maybe from an old chair’s leg or salvaged from the junk shop, can be a pen holder as well. Just saw a part flat so it can stand on your desk, and drill holes deep enough to be able to support your pens.

Let Cherished Bliss teach you how to make one.

5. Color-Coded File Organizers

Never underestimate the simple yet effective file organizer in organizing your home. Use different colors to help you. Arrange your papers according to importance, deadlines or whatever you see fit.

A lot of these organizers can be bought at the dollar store or stationery stores at reasonable prices. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make one using cereal boxes or rectangular containers. Learn how to make one using a shoe box here.

6. Wooden Crates Turned Cabinets

Other ways to organize your room of papers is through file cabinets. If you don’t feel like spending too much on racks, you can easily make your own using stackable wooden crates (the ones you see in the marketplace for fruits) and any shelf you have.

Cut from the bottom of the container to your desired height. You may choose to add a handle on the side using a piece of wood or even coarse twine.

Learn how to create a sliding cabinet made from wooden crates here.

For the Master Chef

Confusing one sauce from another? Not sure which leftover was last night or this morning? Are you sick of having to open tin cases to check what spice or ingredient is inside?

Here are some home organization hacks for your kitchen to help you master chefs have an easier time.

1. Clear Containers

Image source: OneCrazyHouse

Clear containers are the way to go. Get some clear containers from the store and custom label them.

There are many brands available that can stack atop one another for a seamless looking pantry. Should you be budget-constrained, reusing pickle and jam jars work just as well.

2. Reuse Old Honey Jars

Honey jars and smaller glass bottles can also serve as spice holders, making it easier for you to peruse the contents.

3. Say Goodbye to Disorganized Drawers

For your utensils, keep your kitchen drawers organized with simple wooden pegs, cut to size. Or you can repurpose chipboard to function as the same.

4. Hang and Hook ‘Em Up

Towel bars (and poles in general) are very versatile. From lids to baskets, to tin pails, with just some hangers or hooks — it’s really not just for towels. Find other ways to use hooks here.

5. Crates for the Dining Area or Kitchen

Baskets and crates work wonders for holding medium to larger items in your kitchen. They can be made of wood, steel or plastic and help you get organized effortlessly. Just place them on the shelf, label them and you’re good to go.

6. Hanging Storage (All You Need is Thread and Baskets!)

No shelf or wall space? Grab some coarse twine or thick thread and string them on baskets to make DIY hanging storage for fruits and dry veggies. Use it to store other stuff as well as sewing materials, books, rags, toys, etc.

Learn how to create one here.

For the Tech-Wizards

In this age of technology, it wouldn’t be surprising for one household to have at least 10 electronic devices.

Whether it’s big (like your refrigerator) or small (like your smartwatch), you’d need ways to organize your room from electrical wires and devices.

1. Cable-Free With a Cardboard Box


Image source: HomeDit

For the anarchists in your tech-life, namely unruly cables, a cardboard box is your best weapon. Make holes big enough for the cables to pass through, but small enough that you won’t be able to pull two cords at a time.

Label each hole and thread the wires through, leaving the charger heads inside the box. Place the extension cord inside and plug in your chargers. For wires that you don’t often reach for, it would be wiser to have a partitioned container to store them in.

A shoe box or even cookie tin will work, and you can divide them into compartments using cardboard. Label each compartment and stuff one type of wire per spot. Head here for instructions.

2. Binder Clips – More Than Just for Paper


Image source: Wired.com

Not big on the ideas of boxes? Well, don’t fret. Office binder clips work like a charm for thinner wires like chargers and USB plug-ins.

Simply thread the cords through the metal wire. Clip them on the side of your table and let the USB connectors rest atop of the metal wire.

3. Cord Organizers


(Image source: https://www.liveitloveitmakeit.com/2014/09/makers-month-make-it-cable-cozy.html)

Do you have a thick desk that doesn’t allow the binder clip hack? Don’t fret. Another alternative is to buy ready-made cord organizers. There are many designs to choose from.

You can also make your cable organizer with a piece of garter sewn into some fabric. Tada! You’re very own cable roll. Find complete instructions at Polka dot Chair.

4. Tissue Roll Organizer


(Image source: AmazingInteriorDesign.com)

You can try other cable housing alternatives like tissue rolls, old spools, and even old film containers! Find more ways to reuse toilet rolls for organization here.

For the Fashion Forward

Closet organizing tips abound! New ideas for closet organizers keep appearing in the market. From collapsible hanging storage to multiple sleeved door organizers, there are hundreds of available products to choose from.

For those who are not in the experimental mood, hangars are the stars of some of these home organization hacks

1. PVC Shoe Storage

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Shoe racks are a great way to organize your shoes. If you don’t have them, but you have a surplus of PVC pipes, you can easily DIY a shoe storage by attaching the pipes, so they form a frame.

Let MacGyverisms teach you how to create one.

2. Peg Board for Jewelry

Make-up and jewelry rattling in your drawers? Try a peg board behind your closet door. Or just use the hanger hack but instead of scarves, put your necklaces and bracelets. Tissue rolls also make for a great watch and bracelet holder for your boudoir.

For the Bookworm

No need to put the Dewey Decimal System in place to organize your shelf (unless you want to). For book lovers, figurines and jars (or even a small plant) are simple DIY organization hacks that can brighten your library. Use them as markers to separate books by series or author.

1. Old Ladders as Bookshelves

Are you a more visual bookworm? Prefer to have your book covers facing you? Or maybe you don’t have a shelf?

Design your wall space by attaching racks or poles to the walls and resting your books on top of them. Or fashion an old ladder to hang your magazines and newspapers.

2. Mega Boxes and Canvas Pouches

Do you have little humans and fur-babies running about? Toys everywhere? Homes with kids or pets know that it’s not just about organizing; it’s about using organizers that are safe and secure from curious little hands or paws.

Some home organization hacks include the ever-reliable plastic mega-boxes, but you can use canvas baskets or pouches that are light and don’t have any sharp edges or corners.

Turn a diaper box into an organizer. Find instructions here.

3. Keeping Everything Canned

With the rise of the green movement, organizing took a decidedly more mindful tone. The best way to organize your home is to refuse additional clutter. You can choose a minimalist lifestyle and let go of things you don’t use but that others can benefit from.

Next is making use of items you already have by repurposing them. Stated previously are jam jars, tin cans, wooden crates, and hangars. You can even design your organizers with tissue rolls, cereal boxes, and some hot glue.

You can also use plastic bottles as containers and catch-all bins. Attach them to wooden boards, hook them in poles or directly on your walls.


Summing up all the ways to organize your room, we see that hooks and clips are a quick and easy fix for beginner DIY-ers.

Many DIY organization hacks make use of items you already have around the house like paper clips, cardboard, jars, and tins. This makes organizing your home not only better but eco-friendly.

Most DIY organization hacks would show you that organizing your home is all about putting things in their proper place. Whether you choose to buy containers, repurpose old ones or make your own, placing items in areas where they are most efficient is the key to an organized home.

Craving for other ideas? For more home organization hacks and tips, be sure to check out other articles on the site.

24 DIY Home Organization Hacks for Everyone