26 Awesome and Inspiring Home Remodeling Ideas You Can Plan Today

26 Awesome and Inspiring Home Remodeling Ideas

Are you planning to renovate a room? An entire house?

Do you want to start remodeling, but do not know how or where to start?

I had the same dilemma too, and I spent hours on research. Thankfully, I found some interesting ideas that I can do around the house.

I made a list, and I’m sharing it with you.

26 home remodelling ideas

#1 Bathroom Transformation Without any Tools

Source: House Beautiful

If you’re short on cash but still want to remodel the bathroom, then this video can help you out.

Make changes to your bathroom inexpensively.

#2 Jazz up Your Staircase

Source: Style by Emily Henderson

You need not spend a fortune remodeling your staircase. What you can do is frame your favorite photos and hang them by the stairs.

You’ll also feel a certain warmth whenever you pass by it.

Thinking of remodeling your staircase? Check these ideas from House Beautiful.

#3 Inexpensive yet Complete Bathroom Makeover

Source: Curb to Refurb

Do you know this rustic bathroom only cost $100 to make? You do not need a lot of money to have a rustic look and feel in your bathroom.

Was I able to catch your interest? Check here to find out how it became possible.

#4 Remodel an Outdated Guest Bedroom

Source: Country Living

Remodeling the entire house can take up most of your savings. So, why don’t you redo your home one room at a time?

Take the guest room. Change the paint colors. Get rid of the old carpet.

Want some ideas? Click here for inspiration.

#5 Turn the Attic into a Cozy and Rustic Master’s Bedroom

Source: Country Living

It seems that almost everyone wants the rustic look and feel in their house. If you’re one of them, check how a couple turned their attic into a beautiful master’s suite.

Click here for the details.

#6 Gray but Lovely Living Room Ideas

Source: Architectural Digest

Your living room need not be gray and dull. With the right color scheme, you can add that “oomph” in your receiving area.

Click here for more gray, but not dully living area ideas.

#7 Stylish Renovation Ideas for Your Dining Rooms

Source: Architectural Digest

If you want to preserve an old house, you can remodel its dining room for a modern look.

You can install new lightings and change the walls. You can even add mechanical components to increase energy efficiency.

Do you like what you see? There are more dining room renovation ideas here.

#8 Make Your Bedroom an Eclectic Sanctuary

Source: Architectural Digest

You can turn your bedroom into a personal sanctuary with various pieces from different periods and provenances.

The trick to make things cohesive is in the choice of color palate.

If you do not want an eclectic bedroom, there are more ideas here.

#9 Kitchen Remodeling That Costs $600

Source: Elle Décor

I thought kitchen remodeling takes a lot of time and money, but I was wrong!

The owners of this kitchen took 30 hours to do it and spent less than $600.

Do you want to know how they did it? Click here.

#10 Chic Ideas for Your Kitchen

Source: Elle Décor

Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Go for the trendy, modern minimalist look!

Make elegant upgrades to the most favorite room in the house.

Check this link for more chic kitchen tips.

#11 Go Black and White for a Bold Bedroom Makeover

Source: HGTV

Even if you have a small room, you can still make it look spacious and accommodating. This black and white color scheme achieved that look.

You can find more remodeling ideas for small rooms here.

#12 Repurpose an Old Door to Become a Headboard

Source: Martha Stewart

You don’t need to redo the whole bedroom to transform it. For instance, you can just change the headboard.

Find old doors from flea markets or yard sales. Want to know how to do it?

Check the instructions here.

#13 Give Your Bathroom a Classic Look

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

For a warmer and more traditional appeal, you can change your bathroom to include a classic vanity. The double faucets and sinks make this a vintage vanity.

For more ideas on double vanity designs, check this link.

#14 Replace Your Single Vanity With a Contemporary Look

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Go for a single vanity with white marble top. Replace the wall with glass tiles that complement the vanity. Your bathroom will be a showstopper with this modern look.

Are you still searching for single vanity ideas for your bathroom?

You can find inspirations here.

#15 Customize Your Walk-in Closet

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Do you have a walk-in closet that you want to remodel? Some contractors may advise that you go for the custom-built ones.

However, most home improvement centers now carry different semi-custom closet systems that you can install on the weekend.

Still, want inspiration? Check this link.

#16 Create Cabinets Out of Crates

Source: East Coast Creative

Do you need cabinets, but do not want to get the traditional ones?

Why don’t you try crates? They are inexpensive, customizable, and easy to install.

Find out here how you can transform a bedroom into a seaside getaway.

#17 Transform Your Kid’s Room Into a Colorful Haven

Source: Architectural Digest

Inspire your kids by giving them a fun and colorful sanctuary. Just paint the walls white and use decals to decorate them

Need more inspiring ideas for your kid’s room? Click here for more awesome designs.

#18 Use Mirrors (Creates the Illusion of a Bigger Place)

Source: Elle Décor

You can use mirrors as decorations in your living room, dining room, or entry hall.

A mirror can make a dark room look bright. It can also make small spaces seem large.

Want some tips on how to use mirrors as a décor? Click here to find out.

#19 Add Embellishments to Your Front Door

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

If you can use millwork in your rooms, you can also use it for your front door! You can use it as a frame for your door for that sophisticated look.

The technique is to coordinate the paint color with your overall home color scheme.

Want more ideas for your front door? Head to Freshome for tips and ideas.

More front door tips? Click here.

#20 Give Your Fireplace an Updated Look

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

You can change the look of your fireplace just by giving it a fresh coat of paint. However, you need to clean it first and apply primer to cover the stains.

For a beautiful lasting fireplace, use high-gloss paint.

Can I interest you with inexpensive ways to refresh your fireplace? Here are 15 fireplace ideas that will not break the bank.

#21 Add Beautiful Light Fixtures

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Sometimes, just adding cool light fixtures do wonders to an otherwise drab room. You can find modern lighting designs that change the look in any room.

You can create layers of light and add an interesting chandelier, sconce, or pendant to complete the sophisticated look.

Find more lighting tips here.

#22 Accessorize Your Walls, Windows, and Doors With Crown Molding

Source: House Logic

You can accentuate the sides of walls, windows, and doors with crown molding and trim work.

You can finish transforming a room one weekend because you can find off-the-rack and affordable moldings from home improvement stores.

Crown moldings around ceilings and entryways give any room a classic look.

Check Apartment Therapy for more ideas on how to use crown moldings for your renovations.

#23 Use Window Treatments

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

You can change the look and feel of your house even if you’re on a budget. There are DIY window treatments available in stores that you can use.

Using upholstery fabric and a mini blind, you can make a roman shade that complements your color scheme.

Here are 34 window treatment ideas you can use for your home remodeling.

#24 Landscape Your Walkway

Source: Landscaping Network

Your home will look inviting, fresh, and lively if you landscape your walkway.

You can use an assortment of flowers and perennials to line your front walkway to create texture and natural beauty.

Do you need more inspiration? Here are 70 ways to renovate your walkway.

#25 Convert Your Basement Into a Bar to Entertain Guests

Source: Homesthetics

If you enjoy entertaining guests, you can renovate your basement to include a bar. You can invite friends and relatives for dinner and have some drinks later.

Make your basement an inviting place for a romantic evening, a girl’s night, or drinks with the boys.

For more basement bar ideas, click here. If you need basement-remodeling tips, head to DIY Network.

#26 Make a Statement in Your Laundry Room

Source: House Beautiful

If you have a small space, you can hide your laundry area behind boldly painted barn doors. The orange paint makes it bright and visible.

Here are some tips before you decide to renovate your laundry area.

If you have a tiny laundry room, you can maximize the area by following these storage hacks.


Did you enjoy going through my DIY home remodel list? Please tell me what you think in the comments section.

I made it because I had the same problems you’re having now. I did not know where to start. So, I gathered these home remodeling ideas.

Please share this list with your family and friends so they can get inspirations for their home remodeling too.

Thank you!

26 home remodelling ideas