How Much Does It Cost to Add a Bathroom?

In home improvement, you have to take into account that kitchens and bathrooms are two great rooms that you need to remodel overtime to ensure the value of your house.

For most people, bathroom remodeling is considered to be the ultimate home improvement that you can achieve.

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Depending on the market developments, adding a bathroom through remodeling varies from year to year through the return on investment.

Adding a bathroom can cost about $3,000 to $25,000, from a simple renovation to a fresh addition to your house. If you want to have a 100 square-foot bathroom, you can expect it to cost over $70,000.00.

To provide you with an enhanced notion of what your bathroom addition is going to cost, here are the remodeling modernizations.

Considering the Goodness of a Shower/Tub

The tub or shower is the central area of a bathroom. This is a gorgeous area wherein you can find bliss after a stressful day. For you to attain this, the following are to be considered in a correct upgrade:

  • Position and Weight. You have to find the location of your tub as well as its weight. You also have to make sure that the floor can support its mass and the person using it.
  • Panache. You have to carefully design how the tub should look and where it should be placed. Consider a container that could cater your family with joint problems and age-related issues.
  • Features. Some tubs and showers can have more specifications, such as lighting, all-over body jets, built-in stereos, and aromatherapy.

Normal Cost: $3,000. Combinations of Showers/Tubs require more plumbing and will cost you double.

Choosing the Best Tiles for a Better View

When designing your bathroom, consider the tiles because they affect your feelings. A small tub and shower will fit best with light colored tiles. Remember that larger tiles could also fit with small tubs.

However, see to it that the floor tiles are not larger than 6 inches. This helps to give you a drain gradient using smaller tiles.

Typical Cost: Depending on the material, tiles range from $1 per square foot to $18 per square foot.

Putting the Toilet and Sink Fixtures

Just like the shower and tub, the toilet and sink give meaning to the bathroom as well. Great accessories with sleek designs provide the bathroom with comfort.

  • Small and Sleek Toilet. This is not advisable for those who are tall or those who have knee-related problems.
  • Sink with Cabinet. This is fitting for a house with small children to store cleaners and tub toys. The sink must also be considered with warmth and comfort wherein rituals are performed with vanities of “his and hers.”

Standard Costs: Depending on the supplier, the toilet ranges from $250 to $450. While a bathroom sink ranges from $300 to $500

Making Way to Reasonable Plumbing

Putting up a new bathroom entails connecting into new plumbing. The best way for you to put up with this is to find a modern plumbing. Installing new plumbing might cost you a lot, and it might consume your budget.

Licensed contractors are to be called in for plumbing works. It is for the reason that state codes require them, not only to connect new pipe, but also to be permitted to do so. In this way, there will be a reason for you to have a legal remedy if the work is not done correctly.

Normal Cost: Generally, a rudimentary bathroom costs $10,000 to $25,000. While a plumber, costs $45 to $150

Placing New Electrical Attentions for Better Aesthetics

Putting a new electrical apparatus in your bathroom demands more outlets and switches. You have to consider that outlets and switches must be on a proper height from the floor. Consider also lighting that must be measured by the way it is used in vanity mood or the shower. Hiring an electrician also costs you a lot.

Normal Costs: Installation costs $1,000 and a breaker panel costs $50 to $100. An electrician costs $70 to $80 per hour.

Rooting for Half Bath or Full Bath

Transforming a half bath to full bath can increase the value of your home by 20%, according to experts. Usually, half baths involve a toilet and a sink, while a quarter bath consists of a bathroom, sink, and shower. A sink, toilet, shower, and a tub are already considered as a full bath.


Did you find this beneficial? Now that you are aware of how much does it cost to add a bathroom, it is now easier for you to have the best options for your home improvement. This will now help you to decide for the best for you.

When choosing the best home improvement, you have to guarantee that adding a bathroom would make a profit. You also have to consider the space and make sure to take your remodeling into a higher level of aesthetics for marketing use.