INNOVA 3551 Timing Light Review

INNOVA 3551 Timing Light is a great option if you want a basic gun for engine timing. It features a swivel head, which performs minor acrobatics that will help you get to areas that other timing lights could not reach. Furthermore, the tool could operate both in bright daylight and in the garage.

The one-hand operational timing light may have fewer features to offer, but it is priced reasonably if its capacity is concerned. The convenience of its use is paramount, particularly because it has an on and off switch that most timing lights do not have. Also, it has a patented skip circuitry test of up to 9,990 rpm.

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Works With Most Ignition Systems

This timing light is one of the most in-demand INNOVA models. Though limited in features, it works with most ignition systems. It is compatible with electronic, DIS, conventional, and computer-controlled systems. Its main purpose remains, which is to set a proper ignition timing for your system’s peak performance and maximized fuel consumption.

INNOVA 3551 Timing Light is designed to work on 12-volt negative ground vehicles. If you want to use it for six-volt electrical systems, you may need a separate 12-volt automotive battery. It has every feature needed to check and set your engine’s timing, such as xenon bulb, swiveling head, control panel, and inductive pickup leads.

Slim, Rotating Barrel for Better Aim

Most timing lights are complained for not being able to reach certain areas of engines. With INNOVA 3551 Timing Light, you could have a better aim at the timing mark with its swiveling head. This part comprises the xenon bulb. It could stir at roughly 90 degrees to illuminate timing marks more effectively in locations typically hard to reach.

With the convenient barrel of the timing light, you can have a contemporary designed equipment in no time. Paired with this feature is its detachable cable which makes storage more effective minus the tangling.

INNOVA 3551 Features & Specifications

  • Accurate timing checks
  • Detachable, metal inductive pickup leads
  • Works with most ignition systems, both imports and domestic
  • Slim, rotating barrel
  • One-hand operation
  • Patented skip circuitry test of up to 9,990 rpm

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INNOVA 3551 Reviews

The timing light received an editor’s rating of 8.8 out of 10.

INNOVA 3551 Timing Light is described to be a sturdy and high-performing tool by most of its customers. It received mostly positive feedbacks despite having limited features. According to them, the unit is easier and more compact than any timing light. INNOVA smartly made it convenient to use since some engines have timing marks that are difficult to reach.

As boasted by INNOVA, the timing light has a convenient on and off switch. Most people found it opportune, especially now that they do not need to hold the tool down. The bright light of the unit makes it suitable for daylight and in-garage usage.

Apart from its sturdy build, the timing light also won in terms of casing. Since it has removable cords, storage could easily be done. Everything seems to be a do-it-yourself advantage with the timing light. Added to this is the LCD display. Even if you are not mechanically savvy, you would still achieve proper tuning of fuel mixture and timing of engine with INNOVA 3551 Timing Light.

In terms of value, most clients found it reasonably priced. Some even prided how they were able to obtain discounts which made their purchase more worthwhile since the timing light is very easy to use.

Things to Improve

INNOVA 3551 Timing Light also has its own share of critical reviews, starting with the fact that it could not be folded as expected. Though it has a swiveling head, the timing tool is very long to store. According to the customers, INNOVA should have used a sturdier container for the product since they chose plastic. Clients also indicated the narrowing of clip gap.

In contrast to the improvement suggestions of the customers, the timing light is very convenient to use. Despite having a longer build, it is slim and very handy. As for the container, you could keep it from damage through proper storage and prevention of lengthened heat exposure. Regardless of the clip’s big gap, it still works perfectly for timing engines.


Having a limited budget is one of the problems that INNOVA 3551 Timing Lightcould address. Even if it is less pricey, it could work both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, it is clever enough to solve common issues with timing lights, starting with the light intensity. The INNOVA model has brighter light for outdoor use. The tool’s head could also revolve, making it applicable for any engine structure.

You are free to check out other timing light models if you are still hesitant to purchase the INNOVA model. Read more of the best timing light reviews for smart buying.

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