INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light Review

INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light is a modern timing light featuring four-function digital readout and easy-to-read backlit LCD. It has an accuracy rate of up to 9,990 rpm. It is suitable for both two and four cycle engines. It could also dwell in any measures up to 180 degrees.

The INNOVA timing light is designed with heavy-duty shockproof housing, making it handy for any strenuous engine checking. It also has a detachable six-foot lead with metal inductive pickup. Check your car’s timing can be done with one hand. For improved convenience, it has a molded plastic storage case for travel advantage.

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Advanced Timing Control Checks

The timing light has high-performing timing controls, which make sure that the ignition happens at the proper time during the compression stroke. The available controls include vacuum advance, mechanical advance, electronic retard, electronic advance/ retard, and vacuum retard. Your engine may be provided with single timing control device depending on the manufacturing structure and model.

The INNOVA model simply allows you to execute general test procedures for checking the advances. This streamlines the assurance of correct timing and dwell. One activity to consider is the timing light connection check. The test involves determining the position of the timing mark, which is rotating relative to a reference pointer.

Four-Function Backlit LCD

The LCD display of the timing light will provide specifics of the engine operating parameters. The measures include the dwell angle, advance in degrees, engine speed in rpm, charging system voltage, and battery. The parameters provided are based on the mode selected.

The contemporary settings display has a soft blue light for easy reading, particularly if you are in areas where there is limited light.

There are different modes you could select, starting with the RPM indicator. You could select from either two cycle or four cycle rpm modes. Moreover, there are also cylinder/ advance increment switch modes, which are dwell and advance options.

INNOVA 5568 Features & Specifications

  • Tachometer accuracy of 249 to 9,990 rpm
  • Four-function digital readout and easy-to-read backlit LCD
  • Advance degrees for both two and four cycles from zero to 90 degrees
  • Dwell settings of zero to 180 degrees for two to 12 cylinders
  • Heavy-duty casing with molded boots, and built in-hand guard
  • One-hand operation

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INNOVA 5568 Reviews

The timing light received an editor’s rating of 9 out of 10.

The mostly positive reviews of INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light include its easy-to-use features, which work perfectly regardless of the engine you are checking. It is very well made for convenience, particularly in terms of its replaceable and detachable cables. Even storing it takes a shorter time than expected.

Moreover, INNOVA’s equipment is commended for working even in old car models. It could correct engine timing by replacing the points and setting the dwell.  Even if it has a few points systems, it will work like any timing light should function. The digital timing is the best for beginners or people who would like to study mechanics.

The manual provided by the manufacturer makes the use of the timing light more manageable. You simply have to read it and set your timing successfully. You could also master reading the parameters, such as volts, dwell degrees, and ignition advance modes, among others.

Unlike the other products, it is also easy to maintain. For instance, you could use a soft cloth to clean the inductive pickup clip. Upon storage, you may also disconnect the leads from the timing light, to prevent them from being damaged easily.

You could bring and use it anywhere due to its sturdy build. The molded case of the product makes it more interesting to use. Though it is complete with accessories, the product is priced reasonably. The delivery is on time and the item is well packaged.

Things to Improve

Apart from the positive comments for INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light, it also has critical reviews. Nonetheless, the negative reviews are mostly suggestions for improvement. According to some clients, the head of the timing tool should have been shorter for it is quite difficult to use in other car engines. The insulation should have been designed as heat-proof silicone instead of plastic or rubber for better resistance.

Conclusively, the product works just fine, especially if you follow the manual provided by INNOVA through its website and along with the package. Most people do not have complaints since according to them, it will pose its highest performance when the instructions are followed correctly.


INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light is a great option if you want an advanced timing light. It could replace old equipments that will put you at risk of setting your engine’s timing incorrectly. Apart from the fact it is very easy to operate even without mechanical expertise, the manufacturer’s service is also commendable.

Nonetheless, if you are opting for product comparisons, try checking out other best timing light reviews here.

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