JET 354165 Bench Drill Press Review

The JET 354165 JDP-15M Bench Drill Press has been creating a huge buzz in the market in these recent times. With a lot of people starting to create do-it-yourself home improvement projects, power tools such as this bench drill press are receiving a lot of attention and reviews.

What is the best benchtop drill press? What are its uses to individuals? The JET 354165 drill press is tagged as one of the top-ranked home improvement tools in the market. I checked for drill press reviews, and this product got my full attention. I was planning to renovate our patio, and I saw a lot of potential in JET 354165. I was able to recycle some wood and metals and placed them creatively as decors and tables in our patio.

Here are the important things to know about JET 354165. Bench drill press reviews from various customers have also been included to demonstrate different perspectives about this significant tool.

Versatility of JET 354165

JET 354165 drill press is designed to do different tasks. It has a lot of capabilities that make it versatile. These capabilities include the following – drilling, boring, cutting, sanding, mortising, routing, shaping, plating, etc. In an average home workshop, it is one of the most important equipment to own.

With this multi-functional feature of the product, I never doubted on purchasing it right away. It is a good investment as I also learn to be versatile in creating different home projects.

A Mini-Beast Machine

For a bench mounted drill press, its powerful motor allows smooth and perfect perpendicular drilled holes to be done. Its rpm capability makes it comparable to operate like a power generation turbine because of its maximum limit of around 3,000 to 3,600+ rpm. It definitely serves its function as a drill press that provides the needed speed, accuracy, and efficiency for DIY and commercial tasks. Instead of doing all things manually, the JET 354165 drill press makes every task automatic and convenient.

JET 354165 Features

  • The bench mount drill press is operated by a generous ¾ hp motor for its smooth functionality, durability and reliability. It starts instantly and operates smoothly with different volts.
  • It provides up to 16-speed options to let everyone choose the right speed for each material they work on. Revolutions per minute range from 200 to 3,630.
  • Its depth stop feature shows inch/mm for accurate positioning and drilling of metals, wood, etc.
  • It includes a built-in work light for comfort and visibility.
  • It also includes a drill chuck and a chuck key for best grip.
  • It weighs 150 pounds.
  • The worktable could be tilted up to forty-five degrees.
  • The size of the table is sixteen inches by 13 inches.

JET 354165 Reviews and Scores

JET 354165 bench drill is a useful tool for different DIY home improvement projects. It has earned a 4.0 rating out of five stars, and has generated more than seventy customer reviews. One of the customers highlighted, “Pros of JET 354165 bench drill are just numerous. It is a mini-beast in the woodworking arena, and it’s very easy to assemble. It runs like a champion, always smooth and powerful.”

Another customer said, “The machine has great power and capacity. It easily drills steel in ¾ inches. The base and drill are very sturdy. The table locks down tightly. Its range of speeds is far better than most other brands. I love how I could fine tune the RPM for different applications.”

One of the customers was not quite happy with its weight because it couldn’t be transferred easily compared to other items that he once had. Other than this not-so-good point of the product, all the other features of this product aim to target quality performance and results as the best bench drill press.


Bench-mounted drill presses are great allies in home renovation and redecoration. They also save a lot of space in garages and shops. The functions of JET 354165 drill press are definitely amazing, and it’s a mini-package with a blast. Assembling the product and operating it is very easy, and most of the results it produces are top of the line. There is no way actually that it could produce a non-smooth material or an imperfect drilled hole.

The JET 354165 Bench Drill Press is an item worth having. I enjoyed doing a lot of things because of this mini-beast machine. I thought I could do simple things only, but creativity in me has come out naturally when I saw that I could actually drill, sand, and cut materials easily and perfectly. I’m not really very good at executing things, but this is the best drill press for the money, and it has let me do things accurately, uniquely, and differently. Read more about other best drill press reviews.