Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System Review

The Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System is furniture for your routing needs. It’s not just a table but a whole routing table system you can use to improve the results of your routing work. Kreg wants to make a name for itself in the industry, and its PRS1040 might just be the ticket to its success. The unit includes more than a few groundbreaking features, such as its Easy-Slide Micro-Dot Skin, its steel-strut reinforced MDF top, and its fully enclosed tubular aluminum extrusion.

The innovative self-squaring T-square style fence might be its main claim to fame, though. The power tool (or rather, power furniture) is something that people who do routing for a living can depend  on when it comes to leveraging their work pieces, making the most accurate cuts, and ensuring the precision of their work so that they’d get favorable results every time.


Routing like a Professional

The item comes in three different boxes containing the table legs, the router fence, and the router table. The vast majority of reviewers can vouch for this professional-grade machine’s features and capabilities that make sure that your every router project comes out as perfectly as possible (or close to perfection). The KregPRS1040 Precision Router Table System considers itself a table system because it takes design cues from high-end saw rip fences and whatnot.

More to the point, it’s not just a plain old table that you can fit a router in; it’s a router table that actually enhances the precision and performance of your router rather than deter it, thus making it a worthwhile power tool or power tool assistant in its own right. This system offers T-square-style fence that’s fully enclosed that you can use to optimize your miter slot and do small adjustments as required on the fly. It’s a router table system that allows you to think on your feet.

Finish Projects Faster, Easier, and With Greater Precision

A quality router table like Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System is something any serious woodworker should absolutely have. Even those who are woodworking as a hobby should avail of this table to get a professional touch with their results. It’s a helpful machine and power tool assistant as far as building an entire set of panel doors (from scratch), putting the finishing touches on your countertop, and routing a simple dado is concerned.

The KregPRS1040 has loads of features and specs (featured below) that will assist you in finishing your projects easier, faster, and with greater precision. For example, the MDF table is made to be as noise resistant and vibration-free as possible. What’s more, its surface has high-pressure laminate that’s made of Easy Slide Micro-Dot skin, which makes it trouble-free to slide your work pieces like planks, logs, furniture parts, and so forth across the surface without damaging the table.

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Here are the specs of the Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System:

  • Fence: The Kreg PRS1040 has a fully enclosed fence that’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure easy dust collection and router precision all throughout the routing process.
  • MDF Top: The table router is dependable when it comes to mitigating noise and vibration because of its edge-banded MDF top that absorbs all of the shaking and distracting sounds.
  • Table Surface: The wide surface of this machine has an easy slide Micro-Dot skin for smooth movement of every work piece.
  • Insert Plate: The thick phenolic insert plate mounts to any router without drilling any extraholes. What’s more, it’s 9¼ inches by 11¾ inches by ⅜ inches in size.
  • Individual Fence Faces: The table can double as a vertical jointer thanks to these fence faces.
  • Dual Reducing Rings: These 2-inch rings have separate lock-down or leveling screws as well to ensure your leveling accuracy and guide bushing capability.

Customer Review

The Kreg PRS1040 is a high-quality, well-built router table that I can depend on. It took me a while to find it, comparing various types and brands before settling to one I was comfortable with. The reason why I settled on (or rather, decided upon) this router table was because it wasn’t just a table router but a table router system that’s based on the usage of fences. It’s a table that streamlines all my routing and woodworking projects in every which way.

It comes complete with instructions that also simplify my router usage. It’s not a disappointing table in the least because I already own several Kreg devices and they’re perfectly compatible with it.Then again, I also have several other non-Kreg power tools and they work fine with this table as well. The holes lined up perfectly with all of them.

According to 67 customer reviews, the Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.

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Although there are router tables that are rated higher than the Kreg PRS1040, the router table has as of this writing the amazing distinction of only having a three-star review as its lowest-starred review. All other router tables have at least one or a dozen one-star reviews. With the PRS1040, there were none. Its most critical review’s main complaints come from the robustness of some of its key components.

The phenolic insert’s 2 reducing rings can easily strip the threads through over-tightening. There’s no positive stop that notifies you when the screws are far enough the holes. Be careful when installing the reducing rings. What’s more, the aluminum assembly that attaches the fence to the levered glide is also fragile. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mechanic or a lawyer; a sufficient enough grip can strip the threads.


What’s not to like about the Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System? It’s not only an accuracy-improving router table. It can also serve as your vertical jointer as needed thanks to its individual fence faces. As for its dual reducing rings, they have screws that give you guide bushing capabilities and leveling accuracy, its fragility and other criticisms notwithstanding.

Even the most critical reviews agree that the table router has a sturdy stand, a smooth laminate-coated tabletop, and a fence that’s actually made of aluminum even though its screw threads leave a bit to be desired. The box comes complete with fasteners, adjusters, an insert plate, and so forth. If anything is missing, just call Kreg and they’ll take about a little over a week to send you the missing part. See more best router tables on the market here.

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