Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table Review

The Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table is a machine with a vertical fence where the work piece is guided to control the cut’s horizontal depth. It’s a table that’s also a cutting tool, in a sense. The Kreg PRS2100 is a highly sought after power tool because it contains new cam clamps, vertical jointing, dust collection, and a fence with adjustable faces. It also comes with a full-sized router insert plate complete with precision plat levelers to boot.

The Kreg Advantage

The unit accomplishes its main purpose of being a power tool assistant that ensures the accuracy and preciseness of your every cut or routing job. That’s the Kreg advantage right there. The Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table is also a dependable table when it comes to balanced routing and cutting because of its wide stance, heavy-duty steel. You’re assured of stableness with no work-ruining vibration at all thanks to the way the table is designed and contoured.

The PRS2100 includes a heavy-duty steel stand, an extruded aluminum fence, some insert plate levelers, three Level-Loc rings, full-size insert plate, and an MDF top that’s laminated for your convenience so that work pieces can pass through its surface as smoothly as possible. The unit is also quite stable thanks to its heavy-duty steel stand. It will take quite a lot to move the device, much less make it shake and vibrate. That’s the sign of an excellent piece of hardware right there.

All the Benefits of an Industrial Router in a Compact Package

Like a smartphone essentially acting like a phone-sized supercomputer, the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table acts like a benchtop router table with the stability of a heavy-duty industrial table. With that said, it’s not just furniture in the least. This portable product serves as the perfect routing solution that’s as durable as a tank when being used in rugged environments like a construction site or a warehouse. It’s also quite compact and space-saving.

This means you can make full use of it in smaller woodworking shops and hobby stores as needed. It specifically measures 9¼ inches by 11¾ inchesby ⅜ inches in order to ensure superior support all the while, whether you use it with a router or a table saw. No matter how powerful the tools you attach to this power tool assistant, it’s able to withstand loads of pressure and power from high-level RPM or rotation per minute (can also be SPM or strokes per minute) equipment. What’s more, thanks to its Level-Loc Reducing Rings, even the biggest routers are supported by the PRS2100.


Here are the specs of the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table:

  • Fence: The Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table has an industrial-level fence that contains new cam clamps, vertical jointing dust collection, and adjustable faces.
  • Stability and Compactness: The unit is the most stable and compact router table yet from Kreg. TheKregPRS2100 is a result of years of fine-tuning and tweaking for the perfect size and design for sure.
  • Router Insert Plate: The machine comes with a full-sized insert plate and precision plate levelers. There’s also the Level-Loc reducing rings that really keeps everything solid and balanced.
  • MDF Tabletop: The power tool’s MDF tabletop is extra-large in that it’s 16 inches by 24 inches in size and comes with an easy-slide laminated surface for streamlined assembly line routing of work pieces.
  • Steel Stand: The product’s wide stance heavy-duty steel stand adds more to its already stable design, which means you’ll get all the support you can get from all the rotation and strokes from saw motors.
  • Parts and Accessories: The device includes a heavy-duty steel stand, an extruded aluminum fence, some insert plate levelers, three Level-Loc rings, a full-sized insert plate, and an MDF top.

Customer Review

The highly rated Kreg PRS2100 lives up to its ratings. It meets my expectations, as far as I’m concerned. I used the router table as my assisting tool when constructing a cherry bracket clock. It’s a table that does what’s needed from it and a little extra. This tool is highly recommended for people who want to accomplish sophisticated woodworking projects, like routing and making decorative cabinets.

It costs a bit but it’s worth every penny. If you want to be able to make some furniture or sculptures as well as construct whole parts of your home without having carpenters do it for you, then this is the DIY machine you should have along with your router or table saw. With that said, this is a product that should only be handled by people familiar with advanced woodworking

According to 26 customer reviews, the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating.


The detriments of the otherwise solid Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table (that explains its 4.2 star score) are as follows. One reviewer writes that the fence system of the benchtop router table is totally useless because the cams are made of cheap plastic so as fasteners they’re not reliable. You have to tighten them with a screwdriver after every use, and for regular consumers of Kreg, they really dropped the ball on some of their design decisions. Another user had to grind relief into the fence assembly to make it more accommodating to the router.


Although some woodworkers were less than impressed with what the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table has to offer, the vast majority of people love it all the same. Even though there are people who had to make adjustments to its fence or disapproved of its use of plastic cams, it’s still a sturdy table with a jointer feature on the fence and a PRS3100 switch to extend the different routers it could accommodate.

It also has Level-Loc reducing rings that all work together to make sure that every woodworking project you deal with is successful and precise. The product also has increased stability not only because of its weight but also because of its extra-large 16 inches by 24 inches MDF table top with an easy-slide surface. What this does is not only reduce vibrations that make your cuts wobbly; it also ensures that you can cut all sorts of wood, even huge chunks of them, down to size with this table by your side. See more of our best router table buying guide here.