Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet is the welding helmet you should buy if your top priority for a headgear is maximum protection. This helmet protects welders from the extreme light produced during welding, the splashes from the material worked on, and the residual radiation. This welding helmet has an auto-darkening filter that transitions into a range of shades from 6 to 13 as soon as the welding arc is detected.

This ensures that no matter what type of welding is performed, the intense burst of light produced will not damage the welder’s eyes. Thanks to the variable shade of this helmet that can be adjusted by the selector knob, a welder can work on different environmental and task requirements.

The helmet also features a wide vision area with a dimension of 95 x 98 mm. This vast space enables the welder to view his working space and material entirely. This feature has high functionality when welding in an out-of-the-position manner that makes the welder unable to look straight into the material. No distortion of view is provided by this welding helmet together with uniform shading. No matter what position is necessitated in the welding tasks, the wide vision area makes it possible for the welder to accomplish.

Solar Power Source for Assistance

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 is powered by replaceable lithium batteries. These batteries are, which can be removed and fitted without facing too much hassle. Another favorable feature of the batteries is its light weight. It does not add up much to the overall weight of the helmet, which is a major factor in ensuring the comfort of the welder.

Ventilation System for Breathability

One of the common problems that welders encounter when taking on welding tasks is the heat buildup in the helmet which makes them uncomfortable. Heat buildup leads to increased humidity in the mask, which causes fogging of the viewing space. With the ventilation system of the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350, air circulation is optimal to reduce heat buildup. It also keeps harmful fumes from the welding from being breathed in by the welder.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Features

Here are the features and specifications of Lincoln Electric Viking 3350:

  • Optimal clarity rating- 1/1/1/1
  • Complies with EN379 standard
  • Dimensions – 12.4×10.5×10.4 inches
  • Weight – 3 pounds
  • Adjustable light sensitivity (variable shade settings)- 6 to 13
  • Wide viewing area – 95 x 98 mm for better visibility
  • Suitable user level – amateur and professional welders
  • Comes with five spare lenses for the outside, two extra lenses for the inside, and helmet bag
  • Applications – oxygen acetylene torch cutting

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Reviews

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 has received 56+ reviews as of this writing. A huge percentage of the buyers at 79% is extremely satisfied with the quality of the welding helmet, awarding it with 5-star ratings. One customer highlighted that this was an excellent welding helmet. He mentioned that he purchased it as an upgrade for his previous helmet, and it was a huge upgrade on his part. He stated that it was sensitive enough to avoid flashing. The final words the reviewer has to say was about his regrets that he did not purchase this helmet before his previous one.

However, two customers were disappointed with the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350. According to one buyer, the auto darkening feature of the helmet stopped working after a year of use. He said that even though he let it under the sun to charge the solar powered batteries, it still did not work. The other dissatisfied customer stated that this was a cheap headgear. It arrived bent and warped. For the first customer, the problem could have stemmed from the insufficient care of the material

If it had worked properly before, it must have been damaged, which is why it stopped working. The solution to this is to always take good care of one’s welding helmet. As for the other customer, the solution to this is to return the unit for the replacement since it arrived defective.

Even though there are two dissatisfied customers, the remains are satisfied with the quality of the helmet. One commented that the clarity and visibility provided by this helmet are unsurpassed. Another said that it was ultra-light and comfortable to wear.


Many individuals use the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 for a variety of welding tasks. Offering a wide field of vision, difficult tasks done in awkward welding positions can still be done accurately since the welder has a clear view of the welding arc, material, and working space. It is a tool that needs some getting used to, especially with the adjusting of the settings.

The helmet itself is durable, comfortable, and professional looking. Its quality is a sure winner as attested by many of its owners. Do check out other welding helmet reviews too!