Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer Review

DIY woodworking is gaining momentum even in these modern times. A lot of people have been selecting woodworking projects to start and accomplish every month. I myself have taken advantage of many DIY projects to create such as desks, chairs, benches, cabinets, and accessories. I make it a point to finish one project every week, and my sons have also joined me in creating different wooden projects for their rooms as well.

What is my best ally for these projects? I have discovered about Makita 2012nb, and it has been my main tool for more than three years now. It is a remarkable power tool and planer that has been helping me produce different kinds of furniture items. Everyone in my family just loves the desk I finished last month. It looks very expensive, polished, elegant, and flawless.

Producing Cut Quality with a Reliable and Powerful 15-Amp Motor

The main reason why planers, especially the Makita 2012NB planer, are much needed is for individuals and families to save a lot of money from paying pre-planed boards. Planing is now a term that can be utilized not only by pros in woodworking but also by DIY followers to fill some great designs at home.

Investing in Makita 2012nb is, so far, a huge advantage for me. I have realized I could produce high quality products if I just rely on great power tools such as Makita 2012nb. Why resort for average products when you could have the best in life?

The Makita wood planer is made with an astonishing 15-amp motor to produce superb quality planing and cut. As a rule of thumb in amps measuring, a motor having more amps makes it more capable of running longer and faster without any fear of disruption or breakdown. The motor will be able to cool itself effectively as well. With this type of motor that Makita 2012nb has, it is expected to perform with consistency and efficiency.

Modern and User-Friendly Design

Makita, as a Japanese brand, always considers the types of users it will cater. With Makita 2012nb, it is very easy to use, such that any house member could actually assist in planing. It has a LED light that indicates if the Makita planer is plugged in or not. The way to change Makita Planer blades on the machine is very simple and fast.

The rules for the operation of Makita 2012nb are basically straightforward, as it has feed rollers to just pull the wood through. These feed rollers make DIY planing a modern yet very easy and simple task.

Features and Specifications

  • It has the most reliable and fastest blade change system.
  • Its Interna-Lok automated head clamp eliminates snipe in the best way possible.
  • Its diagonal cross and four-post design shows its solidity and stability.
  • Its micro-adjustable depth stop and depth-adjusting scale promotes accuracy of woodwork planing capability.
  • The capacity of Makita 2012nb planes up to twelve inch wide, one-eight deep, and approximately 7 inch thick wood types.
  • It weighs 68 pounds, so it could be easier to transport from one place to another.

Makita 2012NB Customer Reviews and Scores

Makita 2012NB has earned more than 150 customer reviews. This Makita planer review has been mostly positive, and they find the product as a very powerful and efficient tool. There aren’t any negative disadvantages that could disappoint one from purchasing it.

One of the customers said, “Makita is the best for our work which is mainly creating furniture from re-claimed lumber items. I am so impressed with its quality.”

Another customer highlighted the main strengths of Makita 2012nb which includes, “plenty powerful and well-constructed. It is easy to use and accurate, and it works great for a home hobby woodworker with its affordable price.”


Makita 2012nb is considered as the best benchtop planer, impressive thickness planer, and top notch Makita planer 2012NB. Great is just the perfect word for it, and the world of woodworking could never be complete without it.

This product is also included in the top eight ranking of Amazon with its over ten thousand list of home improvement power tools. Highly engineered for finish woodworking, I won’t ever regret purchasing it. It is even considered as one of the benchmarks for purchasing the best planers in the market. Refer here for a more detailed comparison between the Makita 2012NB vs the Bosch 1594K vs DeWalt DW735X & DeWalt DW734.