Best Makita Air Compressor Reviews 2017 – 2018

Undoubtedly, air compressors have been used in different applications for many years now. Among the main reasons for its popularity is its ability in providing a convenient, flexible, safe, and clean resource. These machines are very reliable for many workers in different job sites, ranging from the residential to the commercial, and the large industrial workplaces.

Today, air compressors come in different sizes, designs, quality, and brands. Hence, choosing the most reliable one is of utmost importance, getting your money’s worth in line with a lifelong efficiency. So, this article will provide you air compressor reviews from one of the best manufacturers of air compressors in the world – Makita! Below are the best Makita Air Compressor reviews that will also help you in narrowing the large choices from the brand.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
Makita MAC700  (4.7 / 5)
691+ Reviews
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Makita MAC2400 (4.7 / 5)
451+ Reviews
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Makita MAC5200 (4.3 / 5)
203+ Reviews
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Makita AC001 Compact (4.1 / 5)
20+ Reviews
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Makita MAC700

With an impressive rating of 4.7-Stars is the Makita MAC700 Big Bore. This is a 2.0 horsepower-motored machine with Makita’s exclusive Big Bore engineered piston and pump cylinder for higher output than other compressors on the market. The Big Bore design also results in less noise as well as an improved performance on any job site, regardless how extreme the work condition is.

The Big Bore design boasts a cast iron cylinder with a stronger bore and stroke, resulting in an increased compression, less noise, and faster recovery. It is also equal to an increased durability, despite tough working conditions.

With an oil-lubricated pump, the MAC700 is also equipped with a huge automotive-style filter, resulting in an improved air intake, plus greater efficiency. Its oil-lubricated pump runs cooler, which also leads to greater motor and pump life, and lesser noise all at the same time. Its 2.6-gallon tank can sustain up to 130 PSI operating pressure while delivering 40 PSI or 3.8 CFM and 90 PSI or 3.3 CFM.

Furthermore, this machine can reduce unfavorable tripped breakers as well as voltage drop due to its low AMP draw, in which such instances can result in a premature motor failure. Its roll bar handle can offer portability, including an added protection to withstand harsh working environments.

Additionally, the MAC700 features a convenient oil drain, oil sight glass, and a tank drain valve that all surpasses the standard petcock design. Thus, it is easier to maintain, along with its finned discharge tubing for better heat dispersal. Read our detailed review here.

Makita MAC2400

Also with a 4.7-Star rating is the Makita MAC2400. This machine from Makita offers 2.5 Horsepower and also equipped with the same Big Bore pump cylinder and piston that are geared towards higher output for two nailers. It has lower noise than models of other brands, offering an improved performance simultaneously.

This compressor can provide industrial power, resulting in an increased durability, despite harsh working conditions. The MAC2400 has a cast iron pump, plus the Big Bore piston and cylinder for not only an improved performance but also for faster recovery time.

Similar to its brother, this machine also has a low AMP draw, which lessens the circumstances of tripped breakers during startups. Its oil-lubricated pump results in cooler running temperatures, while having an integral thermal overload for added motor protection.

Certainly, the MAC2400 has a versatile design, blowing away its rivals when it comes to air compressors. Besides its super quiet motor, this compressor also boasts an unmatched Intake Air Filter, a heavy-duty system that sets it apart from the others. By these built-in features alone, there is no doubt that the MAC2400 can outperform and outlast other models.

Another excellent thing about this machine is its lever handled ball valve drain system, which comes in handy in eradicating the buildup of condensation in its tank. Its finned discharge tubing can increase heat dispersal, while reducing moisture at the same time.

For improved pump life, the MAC2400 also features a removable cast iron cylinder that is likewise helpful in reducing wear. In all, this air compressor is equivalent to high quality and maximum performance. Read our detailed review of the MAC2400.

Makita MAC5200

Meanwhile, the Makita MAC5200 receives a 4.3-Star average rating due to its high quality and very durable tank design. Its pump has a long tool life, plus increased intake efficiency. Just like its brothers, this model has the Big Bore design when it comes to its cylinder and piston, resulting in maximum air recovery time.

Talking about its cylinder tank, this Makita’s model offers a cast-iron design for optimum durability, not to mention a reduced wear over time. This design also results in an improved pump life. The built-in storage compartments, on the other hand, allows an easy storage of the accessories and tools; thus, preventing clutter within the job site. Plus, it features tool hangers.

Additionally, the MAC5200 has an air-hose wrap can accommodate a maximum of 50-feet of coiled air hose. This design allows for further use of the compressor, despite the air tank’s distance. Its rugged wheels plus its folding handle also allows for easy transport and storage.

The 5.2-gallon tank of this machine can sustain a 140 PSI operating pressure, and delivering 40 PSI and 90 PSI for two nailers. Its oil-lubricated pump also runs cooler, while the finned discharge tubing can disperse heat more efficiently.

It has a roll-cage construction for added protection of the motor and pump, helping it withstand any job site condition. Impressive features also include a very convenient oil drain, an oil sight glass, as well as a tank drain valve, all for easier maintenance of the entire equipment. Certainly, the MAC 5200 has a low-noise design, high output, less maintenance, improved durability, while delivering industrial power all at the same time. Read our detailed MAC 5200 review.

Makita AC001 Compact

With a 4.1-Star average rating is the AC001 Compact from Makita. This air compressor has a compact and lightweight design, weighing at only 23.1 pounds. It is powered by a 1/6 max HP induction motor, providing up to 125 PSI, while featuring a low-noise design at 72 dBA. Thus, this model is perfect for indoor use aside from outdoor job sites.

It has a roll cage construction that results in an added protection for both the pump and motor assembly. Also, this machine has a low AMP draw, which can also reduce the unfavorable instances of tripped breakers ruing startups. Its oil-less pump design surely leads to a maintenance-free operation, unlike compressors that make use of oil.

The Makita AC001 has been engineered not only for professional use but also for recreational and residential purposes, as it does not require special skills during operation. While this model is the latest addition to the brand’s lineup of air compressors, it is still very easy to use as well as very durable and portable.

This compressor’s powerful induction motor, little noise, and compact size make it perfect for base and case installations, trim and finish carpentry, furniture, cabinetry, construction, and much more. The kit also includes a universal coupler as a free accessory.

All in all, the Makita AC001 is excellently designed by the manufacturer and performs very well for its intended purpose. It is a quiet oil-less compressor that is light enough to transport from one place to another, but never sacrifices its quality, durability, and performance. Our detailed review of the Makita AC001 will come soon!


In a nutshell, any air compressor can come in handy for many applications in different job sites, ranging from minor residential projects to the major industrial applications. However, finding the best brand or manufacturer is always essential to get the most reliable air compressor around.

Fortunately, Makita has an impressive lineup of air compressors for wide ranges of purposes. Its top-rated products are equivalent to high-quality power tools, leading-edge innovation, and energy efficient. Rest assured that every air compressor from Makita has been inspected and tested thoroughly, before leaving its factory; thus, it provides replacement or refund and warranty for defects from materials and workmanship.

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