Makita DCJ200ZXL Cordless Heated Jacket Review

The Makita DCJ200ZXL Heated Jacket is designed for people working in harsh and cold conditions. Its powered heating capabilities allow you to stay warm even accomplishing outdoor tasks in the winter season. With this jacket, you can be comfortable and protected against the health risks of being exposed to low temperatures for extended periods, which is common when working in warehouses and similar settings.

The Makita DCJ200ZXL comes with a battery adaptor with a belt clip. The power source of the jacket has a precise fit to the adapter and is compatible with Makita 18-volt LXT as well as Lithium-Ion batteries, which enables you to charge portable electronic gadgets while they are in your pocket.

Maximum Comfort Through Optimized Heat Distribution and Ergonomic Design

The Makita DCJ200ZXL allows for optimized heat distribution through its three (3) core heat zones located at the left and right chest area and the back. It also has three (3) temperature settings, namely high, low, and medium for a precise heating mechanism. Aside from the delivered heat, this jacket also provides added comfort through its ergonomic design.

Besides its utility at its current form, the jacket can be transformed it into a vest by removing the sleeves. The zip-off feature of the sleeves allows this to happen so that you can use it under environmental temperatures that necessitate for sleeveless apparel.

Makita 18V Cordless Technology

The technology used in the Makita DCJ200ZXLis a part of the growing 18V lithium-ion series of Makita. This is a world-known line of the cordless tools with a slide-style power source.

The 18V batteries have quick charging times, which translates to extended times of providing energy and decreased times of charging. As a result, the wearer is not put through too much hassle.

Makita DCJ200ZXL Features and Specifications

  • Has three (3) core heat zones – located on the left chest, right chest, and the back that optimizes heat distribution
  • Heat Controller – with On/Off switch and with LED indicators for different temperature levels
  • Three-level Heat Settings – high, medium, or low for precision in heating
  • Versatile with the Removable sleeves– can be zipped off to transform the jacket into a vest
  • Ergonomic Design– knitted cuffs, fleece-lined collar as well as a drawstring waist for improved protection and comfort even in rough environments
  • Four (4) pockets – chest, side, and sleeve pockets
  • Comes with a Battery Adaptor
  • Power Source – Makita 18V lithium-ion batteries (not included in the product package)
  • Available in different sizes – small, medium, large, extra large
  • Warranty Description – 1-year warranty for the jacket
  • Material – 94% polyester and 6% spandex outer shell

Makita DCJ200ZXL Reviews & Ratings

The Makita DCJ200ZXL has 23+ reviews. With this amount of reviews, the Makita heated jacket has a good amount of positive feedback. Taking into account what customers have to say about this apparel as well as our own assessment, we give it a rating of 7.6/10 stars.

A majority of the reviews this jacket has gotten are good feedback. One customer said that overall, this is a great jacket. He was impressed with the three-level temperature options and the sleeveless option. He added that since it is already a good jacket even without the heating feature, he often uses it without turning on the heat.

Another customer said that she bought it for her husband who is a plumber. According to her, it was the best gift she had given since it was suitable for his husband’s job. Another customer commented on the longevity of the heat. He said that it was long lasting as it lasted through his 12-hour outdoor night shift. Indeed, many other good comments are made about this product.

Things to Improve

The Makita DCJ200ZXL has its minor flaws that come with its amazing benefits and features. One of the comments made by customers was that it was a bit heavier than they expected. Other customers added that the accessories added to the weight of the jacket, which they found inconvenient.

While this is a case of preference-based flaw, it is one aspect that the manufacturer should improve. But other than this minor flaw, the Makita DCJ200ZXL proves to be a worthy and reliable jacket for its stays true its promise of precise heating.


The Makita DCJ200ZXL is a reliable heated jacket for its precise temperature control that you will ensure comfort and protect in cold and harsh job site or outdoor settings. Its leading power technology enables a more efficient use since it requires less charging time than its competition.

Normally, heated jackets can only last for a few hours but since this jacket is compatible with both 18V LXT and compact lithium-ion batteries, you can enjoy warmth up to 28 hours. Because of this and its overall functionality, it is a recommendable jacket to invest in. 

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