15 Awesome Man Cave Ideas on a Budget (#7 Is My Favorite)

Do you have an extra room in your house? Are you planning to make it your sanctuary but you don’t have enough funds? You may have to check out these 15 man cave ideas on a budget before you make any move.

Man caves come in all themes and sizes. In reality, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to prepare one. As long as you know where to get cheap materials, and understand what to do with them, you can build one and spend far less than you expect.

Here are some DIY man cave ideas for you to begin with.

1. Man Cave Basics: Begin With Custom Signage

Custom signages are essential in any man cave on a budget. However, high-quality wood and metal signs come with hefty prices. The alternative? Pieces of used plywood, some common craft tools, and your knack for creating art. Enough said.

For the tutorial, visit Instructables.

2. Then Move on to Another Essential: Custom Beer Coasters

Source: Post Grad Crafting

Just like well-designed signage, beer coasters are also indispensable items in a man cave. Who would not want a nice cold beer after a long day of stressful work? The answer: No one.

Go to Post-Grad Crafting to learn how to do it.

3. Bacon Fat Candles, Not a Necessity but Trust Me You Need This

Source: Thrillist

We are men. We know how easy it is to fry bacon, let alone save bacon grease afterward. Do you know that bacon fat can be turned into candles? Now you do. Go ahead and make some. You can thank me later.

Watch the video tutorial at ThreadBanger’s YouTube channel.

4. Who Says Sewing Isn’t for Men? Turn Sports Jerseys Into Pillows

Source: SweetBeeBuzzings

Don’t worry. There is some use to those loose, baggy sports shirts after you have worked hard to get that ripped six-pack abs. Turn them into sports jersey pillows! Truly one of those simple man cave ideas that’s so functional.

Look at Kenneth Wingard’s blog for the instructions.

5. Another Man Cave Essential: An Outdoor Murphy Bar

Source: Hunker

Every man cave needs a bar. That’s what the beer coasters are for. If you have an outdoor space to set it up, then this Murphy bar is a must. Having extra chairs and a prep station for barbecue and drinks is quintessential.

Take a look at the build instructions at Hunker.

6. James Bond Moves: Prepare a Secret Book Compartment

Source: Ideas2Live4

Do you know James Bond? Then you must be familiar with a secret book compartment as well. An essential part of a secret agent’s EDC, this paraphernalia should also be found in your secret man cave.

View the tutorial at Von Malegowski’s YouTube channel.

7. Secret Door Bookcase (My Personal Favorite!)

Source: ILikeToMakeStuff

Since we’re into secret stuff, then nothing can be more awesomely secretive than this secret door bookcase. These kinds of projects are of the secret agent 007-level stuff. This should be one of the best basement man cave ideas on a budget out there right now.

Visit I Like to Make Stuff’s YouTube Channel for the step-by-step instructions.

8. Maximize Your Worn out Golf Clubs With This Custom Coat Rack

Source: OregonLive

We as gentlemen know that golf clubs have a lifespan. If they reach that point, then they are no longer as effective as before. Thus, it’s time to give them new purpose as coat hangers.

Watch video instructions at Chestnut Ridge Workshop’s YouTube channel.

9. Does a Real Man Need a Media Room Candy Rack? Yes (Here’s Why)

Source: JustJudyBlog

Even real men need their personal media room concession stand — if only to entertain lovely señoritas who come with them to watch a home movie. Now, this would be more useful and entertaining if you’re already a family man as you would definitely earn brownie points from the kids.

See full step-by-step instructions at Just Judy.

10. Essential Man Cave Furniture: Tire Coffee Table

Nothing suggests manliness better than a coffee table made out of a used truck tire. It takes time to build but will be worth it in the end. Besides, there’s more to a coffee table than just a place to rest coffee mugs. (Wink wink.)

Go to Instructables for the instructions on how to do it.

11. For a Football Enthusiast: Football Field Rug

Source: Chica And Jo

Okay, this may not be for every manly man. However, for those who love football and are planning to have a rug at the same time, then this project could be applicable.

Check out Chica and Jo for the instructions.

12. Floor Shuffleboard: Potential Site for a Battle of the Titans

Source: RetroRenovation

Continuing with the sports theme — a large shuffleboard court could be a welcome sight for associates visiting your man cave. Unlike some rug, this floor design is a real gaming area. Just make sure you also have some cues and disks on hand.

Full instructions are available at Retro Renovation.

13. Upcycle an Old Bicycle Wheel to Become a Man Cave Wall Clock

Again, another sports-themed man cave accessory. A used bike rim, a quartz movement, and some tools are all you need to pull this one off.

Go to Instructables for the complete build instructions.

14. Re-purpose Old Suitcases Into Man Cave Shelves

Source: Man Made DIY

Shelves made out of vintage suitcases give a lot of character to your man cave. They are somehow intricate to build but would be a good conversation starter when you have visitors coming over.

Check out Man Made for the build tutorial.

15. Pallet Wood Bar: Finally, a Piece of Furniture for the Boys!

Source: Infarrantly Creative

Another complex build, but highly essential for a man hosting an event with several people in attendance. It is still cheap, though, as you are going to use second-hand pallet wood. Indeed, it’s a great addition to an already great man cave.

Want to learn how to build it? Visit Infarrantly Creative.


Did you enjoy going through this list of 15 awesome man cave ideas on a budget? I hope by now you realize that you don’t have to spend so much to have a fully functioning man cave. A little extra time for building stuff and a lot of imagination are all you need to pull it off.

I would like to hear your insights so kindly post them in the comments. Moreover, please share this article with your colleagues so they could enjoy it as much as you did. Big thanks!