Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Oil Review

More than 70 vehicles roll off the line with Mobil 1 120764 inside. This synthetic motor oil has become the choice of many, even various leading car manufacturers because it is an advanced fully synthetic oil that delivers exceptional engine performance and protection on engines of all ages and for every driving condition. It keeps your engine running like new.

In fact, Mobil 1 is considered to be the world’s leading synthetic oil brand. It is recommended by more car builders and is used by more NASCAR teams compared to other motor oil brands. In addition, this synthetic oil meets and exceeds the toughest standards of U.S., Japanese and European car builders.

Advanced Full Synthetic Protection

The advanced full synthetic formula of the Mobil 1 120764 keeps your engine running like new by helping reduce engine wear, controlling oil breakdown and helping combat sludge and any deposit build-up.

This synthetic oil’s advanced formula prevents any possible engine deposits and sludge build-up, ensuring longer engine life. It also provides  lubrication and wear protection in all driving styles and conditions. The Mobil 1 120764 has an outstanding thermal and oxidation stability. It delivers excellent viscosity control and exceptional engine performance in between maximum oil change interval.

Through the advance synthetic protection of Mobil 1 120764, it has the ability to extend engine life and reduce stress on starting system components. It can also support quick cold weather starting for as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and withstand high temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mobil 1 120764 Approvals

As the world’s leading synthetic oil brand, Mobil 1 is preferred by many car builders from Aston Martin and Porsche to Nissan and Chevrolet. Other manufacturers that trust this engine oil’s capacity include Mercedes AMG, Corvette and Bentley and many others.

Mobil 1 120764 synthetic motor oil meets and even exceeds the requirements of API SN, SM, SL, SJ, the ILSAC GF-5, Ford WSS M2C946-A, and Ford WSS M2C929-A. Many approvals are granted to this motor oil for its quality and these include approvals from General Motors Service Fill dexos1 and Honda/Acura HTO-06. It is also recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications that require General Motors 4718M and 6094M.

Mobil 1 120764 Features

  • It is easy to use and is a U.S.-manufactured product.
  • Mobil 1 120764 is named as the world’s leading synthetic oil brand.
  • It aids in the fuel’s economy and has excellent low temperature capabilities.
  • Advanced full synthetic formula – It prevents any possible engine deposits and sludge build-up for a long engine life.
  • It offers excellent lubrication and thorough protection for any driving style and condition.
  • Enhanced frictional properties – It aids to achieve outstanding performance during the maximum oil change interval.
  • It helps extend engine life through quick cold weather starting for ultra-fast protection.

Mobil 1 120764 Reviews and Ratings

As the one synthetic motor oil preferred and trusted by most car builders, Mobil 1 120764 rated 9.6 out of 10 on user reviews. This is a highly-recommended motor oil by people who are already using it. Most have stated that this is the superior engine oil available in the market.

One Mobil 1 120764 user said that this engine oil makes the engine of his MBUSA perform smoothly even if the temperature of the environment is too hot. Many also regarded the Mobil 1 120764 as an excellent engine oil that no other brand can beat for all types of cars.

One customer said that he tried to use some other synthetic oil brand and he wasn’t satisfied with the results. So, he went back to using Mobil 1 120764 as his engine oil. Many commend this synthetic oil for its high quality.

Things to Improve

Mobil 1 120764 is a top engine oil choice for many car users and manufacturers. There are no major complaints and issue regarding this product.

However, for a favourite synthetic oil by many, it is not suitable for all car types. Mobil 1 120764 synthetic oil is designed for most personal cars but is not adequate to meet the higher demands of higher performance racing motors and aviation engines.


The Mobil 1 120764 is the top engine oil trusted by leading car builders and is named as the world’s leading synthetic oil brand for some very good reason. It has an advanced full synthetic formula that can make the engine of even a year old and vintage engines run smoothly and perfectly achieve the best engine performance while keeping it protected for all driving styles and conditions. Having loads of speed and power won’t matter that much if you cannot control it in accomplishing your task without wasting so much energy.

The Mobil 1 120764 is one of the most efficient synthetic oils. It is preferred by current users because it aids fuel economy. Read best synthetic oil reviews for other engine oil options.

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  1. I know tons of people that use Mobil 1. But my Firds just dont seem to run well with it in them? Valvoline, Castrol. QUaker state, even the Penzoil synthetic which I highly recommend if you purchase a used car really does clean your motor out. I don’t know what it is but Mobil 1 just doesn’t work for me? In fact my E350 cargo van burns it?? But not the others??

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