Performance Tool W80578 Review

Performance Tool W80578 is a self-powered timing light, which will provide you a detachable inductive pick-up capability. You can hook it easily regardless of gas engines to check. It is also compatible with snowmobiles, external power systems, mowers, tractors, and other engines you have.

Since the timing light is self-powered, you simply need either standard or rechargeable “D” cells. Even if you work in your garage, farm, or shop, the tool will work professionally and effectively as necessary. Unlike other timing lights, Performance Tool W80578 features two internal lights.

Designed for All Gas Engines

The timing light is perfect for any gas engine in terms of maintaining a correct setting for your car’s timing. It ensures that irrespective of the system, it will enforce a performance at the top level relative to efficiency and speed.

You can use Performance Tool W80578 for race cars, power boats, and street rods. In addition, it can adjust perfect timing for snowmobiles, external power systems, motorcycle, mowers, and tractors.

Diagnosis of the engine failure would be standard to any engine. It has a very simple code checker. Furthermore, it can reset check engine light without you going for professional assistance. There are no external influences that will affect its timing determination.

Timing Light for Magnetos

The product is high-end, which makes it applicable even for aircraft engines. It is designed to check the magnetos’ internal timing and synchronization. Despite adjustments being made, the product will not cause any engine firing risks.

This timing tool makes it easy for you to time ignition precisely since it has a custom-designed electronic circuit for magnetos. It will avoid piston crown damage, sluggish performance of your engine, overheating, and improper consumption of fuel.

Once the ignition timing is set by Performance Tool W80578, you no longer have to worry about your engine refusing to run at low speeds evenly. Worries concerning startup difficulty would also be eradicated.

Performance Tool W80578 Features & Specifications

  • Ideal for race cars, street rods, and power boats
  • Features easily hooked and detachable inductive pickup
  • Compatible for aircraft engines or magnetos
  • Usable for external power systems, motorcycle, tractors, mowers, and other gas engines
  • Self-powered or battery-compatible (two standard or rechargeable “D” cells)
  • Designed with two lights for timing and general purpose flash light

Performance Tool W80578 Reviews

The timing light received an editor’s rating of 9.2 out of 10.

Most of the product’s reviews are positive, pertaining to how efficient Performance Tool W80578 works. Primarily, people commended how it functioned as claimed by its advertisement. It is very handy and easy to operate. No matter what engine you are checking, all you have to do is clip the spark plug wire and point it to the regulator.

According to the users of the tool, since the point of its purchase, the equipment still works. It holds up regardless of the environment it is in. There have not been issues even if it was used on external motors. There may be sturdy connection clips or long heavy wires to set, but it still performs ideally.

The indicator light of Performance Tool W80578 was also commended for it signals when the equipment is ready for use. This feature adds up to the convenience of using the timing tool. Even if you are a starter in engines or aiming to be a mechanic, this is a great product to try.

For miscellaneous services, the product was also reviewed positively in terms of price. According to clients, it is reasonably valued and is being delivered on time.

Things to Improve

Apart from the positive reviews of Performance Tool W80578, there are minor complaints from the clients. One of these negative feedbacks is its aluminum wire inside, which somehow make its less heavy duty. Furthermore, they commented regarding its unreliable battery connection. Nonetheless, this is solvable by modifying the screw-on end cap.

The timing tool’s light is also quite dim, making it less useful outside. In contrast, this is common among timing lights. To solve this, you should simply use it in a shop or place where the sun is not bright.

Regardless of the negative client reviews, the product works just fine. Knowing that it will last for a long time already gives you the advantage of savings. One investment may already convert to years of accurate engine timing.


Performance Tool W80578 is one of the commendable products for proper and accurate car setting. Instead of worrying whether your engine will fire at the wrong time, the tool will make it easier for you to tweak the system’s efficiency and speed. Rather than use many tools or wrenches, utilize this timing light to adjust your car’s timing.

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