PORTER-CABLE NS150C Staple Gun Review

If you are in for  long hours of work, then the Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Staple gun should be your companion. The best feature of this staple gun is its capacity to work on loads for long hours. Aside from that, it is also a low maintenance tool. You don’t need to spend much money just to keep the motor in good condition.

You would also like its lightweight feature because of its magnesium body. It is very easy to carry around and you wouldn’t feel too tired in carrying this on your shoulder. Aside from that, the design of Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Stapler would fit in any bag.

Performance Power

This tool is operated by an oiled air cylinder which gives it tremendous power. You can test its strength in any kind of wood that you like, even the toughest one. Although it is powerful, the structure of this staple gun is very slim and compact. You wouldn’t believe that this little tool could do big things.

The motor of this tool also needs low maintenance. You don’t need to worry on spending much money to maintain it. All you need to do is to load it up and you’re ready to go. This is how simple this product is to use. The craftsmanship that you would get in this tool is surely superb.

The Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Staple gun also has an exhaust that gives you the option to turn it in the location that you want it to be directed to. Aside from this, the air usage is just so minimal. This makes the recovery of the staples very quick. You would surely be amazed on how long this product can work constantly under pressure.

Different Modes of Control

The trigger of the Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Staple gun has two modes for the trigger. These are the bump fire and the sequential fire triggers. In the bump fire trigger, you need to wait for the safety foot to be depressed before it fires. The opposite goes with the sequential fire trigger.

If you want to change the fire mode of the triggers, then it’s easy, however you need to be careful in doing it to avoid accidents. It is better to carefully decide first the mode of trigger to be used before you start working.

The air cylinder power of this staple tool also makes it possible to control the depth adjustment. All you need to do is to press the dial to change the fastener depth on the material. The dial is very visible in order to make sure that the user would be able to press the correct adjustment.

Aside from the mentioned above, this tool has a simple driving mechanism. This ensures that there would be lesser incidents of jammed staples. You would also benefit from the straight firing of the staples. You would surely have quality output with this feature.

The staples that are jammed can be easily removed by the flip-front cover design of Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Stapler. A singe lever would be depressed to clear out the jammed staples.


  • Very light weight feature – This is one of the lightest staple guns in the market. It is also very slim and easy to carry.
  • 18 Gauge Narrow Crown
  • Maintenance-free motor – You don’t need to spend much on its maintenance since the motor is very durable.
  • Long term use – This tool is meant for longer hours of work. You would be able to deliver consistently great results.
  • Rear Exhaust – This feature deflects the contaminants from the tool while working.
  • Depth of Drive Adjustment – This allows you to change the depth of the drive for every material.
  • It is very easy and simple to use.

Porter-Cable NS150C Reviews

The Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Staple gun was awarded a rating of 8 out of 10 by most of the consumers. The reason why they endorse this staple gun is because of its driving staples feature. They noted that it is easy to do because of its conventional shape and the safety foot.

Other reviews also noted that it is applicable for different sizes of fasteners. It also feels comfortable to their hands because of the rubber grip. Another feature they love is the effective control of the depth.

Things to Improve

Some of the comments noted that the front loading design could be confusing for most beginners. The process should be simpler for everyone. Another feedback mentioned that the staple reload window is not that visible to check on the staple capacity. However, these minor issues don’t affect the performance of Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Staple gun.


The Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Staple gun is a very versatile tool for both professional and household use. You would be able to benefit from its outstanding features and performance. If you think you might need this one soon, it is best to check the best narrow crown staple guns in the market. Also, don’t forget to read the best staple gun reviews.