QEP 22650Q Tile Saw Review

The QEP 22650Q Tile Saw belongs to the QEP line of products that specializes in the installation of porcelain and natural stone. This product is a result of years of innovations that is now a proof of the top of the line products that its manufacturer delivers to consumers.

The QEP 22650Q is powered by a ¾ HP motor and runs 3600 rotations per minutes, which is the reason for its effective tile grinding action. With this powerful motor, you can take on tough and demanding installation applications such as those using delicate tile materials. Thanks to this feature, you can explore more options with the tiles that you plan to use for renovating or updating kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas in the house.

The following paragraphs will discuss the overall quality and features of this product that will give you reasons to purchase it for your home or your shop.

Cut Through Different Materials With Ease

The QEP 22650Q is suitable for cutting different tile materials, which can be attributed to its powerful motor. Ceramic, marble, slate, porcelain and granite can all be cut using this tile saw with accuracy and lower risk of making mistakes.

With this capability, this tool is perfect for making tile accents on backsplashes, walls, and other small areas.

Steel Table & Frame for Durability & Stability

Currently, steel is one of the most durable materials out there. With the table and frame of the QEP 22650Q made from this material, you can ensure that will not easily break even as you subject it to days of use. The stability that the frame and table provide prevent sudden breakage thereby not exposing you to unsafe operation.

The stability of the unit is further improved with its rubber footpads that prevent the unit from slipping on any surface where it is set.

QEP 22650Q Features & Specifications

  • Powerful 3/4 HP, 4.8 Amp motor – produces a maximum of 3600 RPM that allows for the tackling of demanding jobs and delicate pieces
  • Ideal for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble, granite as well as stone
  • Heavy-duty steel table and frame – for stability, which is further improved by rubber footpads
  • Table extension – 8 inches; usable on either side of the unit for support as you cut larger tiles
  • Flat Table Design – delivers unlimited rip and diagonal cutting
  • Table Tilting Feature – to produce 22.5 and 45-degree miter cuts
  • Depth of Cut – up to 1 1/4 inches
  • Compact Dimensions –  21 inches in length, 22.2 inches in width, and 9.5 inches in height
  • Lightweight – 21.4 for easy carrying and transfer of location
  • Diamond-Coated Blade – for easy and accurate tile cutting
  • Water Recirculation System – for maintaining a dry work area
  • Rip and Angle Cutting Guide – to make accurate cuts and hassle-free repeat cuts

QEP 22650Q Reviews & Ratings

The QEP 22650Q is getting more popular among many consumers with its 88+ reviews. Many people found this tool useful and expressed their delight over investing in this product. For this and the assessment of the quality of this tool, we give it a rating of 8.4/10 stars.

A majority of the feedback that this product has received is positive. One customer has commented that he used this not for cutting tiles but glass. He said that it produced great results and reduced his cutting time by a huge amount. He explained that he did this by replacing the blade with one suited for cutting glass and he was impressed with the results.

Another customer said that it was good value for his money. He used it many times and have already gone through three blades but still, the tool works flawlessly. He added that this unit was portable and compact, making it easy to store.

Things to Improve

Amidst the numerous good feedback that the QEP 22650Q has received, it is like any other tool that has flaws. One of its minor setbacks is that it requires more effort from you because it is not suitable for air-drying, otherwise, it will rust. This can be resolved by practicing proper care of your tool. As soon as you are finished with it, it must be wiped dry.

One customer also commented that this tool could be loud. It is best to wear protective ear plugs to prevent damage in your hearing.

Even with these flaws, the overall quality, functionality, and convenience that this tool delivers is worth more.


Overall, the QEP 22650Q is a good tile saw to invest in for home or shop use. It is ideal for making the tile cuts when renovating or updating the house or if you are undertaking DIY projects using tiles. You will be amazed by how much this compact and portable tile saw can do.

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