Roberts 10-600 Staple Gun Review

There are many stapler guns in the market and the Roberts Model 10-600 is one of the professional electric staplers available for commercial use. You would be able to use this stapler in different applications where stapling is needed. There are manually powered staplers in the market; however, if you would like greater stapling power, then you ought to have the electric powered ones.

This is definitely a must-have in your toolbox. Electric staplers are undoubtedly more powerful than the manual ones because of their consistency. You would think that Roberts Model 10-600 would cost you a lot, but the truth is it’s very affordable. With all its amazing features, you wouldn’t believe how reasonably priced this stapler is.

Heat Treated Hard Hammer Mechanism

The power of this stapler comes from its hard hammer mechanism. To add up to its stapling power, the hammer is heat treated for more efficiency. You can use this electric stapler for pinning your carpets on the floor. You don’t need to be frustrated every time it moves when you step on it.

It ensures that the staples would have a stronghold, and would not be pulled that easily. This feature is recommended in securing medium to heavy materials. This is the main advantage of the heat-treated hammer. Roberts Model 10-600 also has an advantage over other staplers in the market in terms of durability. When you avail this, you would be assured that it would serve you for a longer period of time.

This feature makes it a reliable tool for a variety of applications since it can staple almost everything. Air compressors are of big help in completing your task in just a short period of time. This is a little heavier than other ordinary models, but it is still manageable almost by everyone who needs to use it.

Another added benefit of this staple is its versatility when it comes to different angle of positions. The heat-treated plate is adaptable to changing positions especially in hard-to-reach areas, thanks to its compact style.

Indeed, this feature defines the remarkable performance of this stapler. The toughness of the hammer would go a long way. Witness the efficacy of Roberts Model 10-600 for yourself and be ready to be amazed on how it works.

Rubber Grip Handle

The Roberts Model 10-600 is engineered with an ergonomically designed handle. It is made of non-slip material to prevent the user from accidentally dropping it while working. If you try holding this stapler, you would surely experience maximum comfort with your hands even if you work for extended hours.

Some people tend to have sweaty hands, so this stapler is recommended for them because of its non-slip design. You would be able to appreciate its benefits when you’re in the actual task of stapling loads of materials. With its soft handle design, say good bye to calluses and sore hands!

 Roberts 10-600 Features

  • Hard, heat-treated hammer – This serves as the main highlight of this stapler. It gives a powerful hammering mechanism to almost all materials.
  • Non-slip handle – This stapler is ergonomically designed to prevent slips and other accidents while working.
  • 15 Amp motor – Since this is a professional electric stapler, it has more power than other manually-powered staplers.
  • 12-feet cord – The cord of Roberts Model 10-600 is longer than other staplers in the market. It allows you to work limitless around your place.
  • Eighty-five 9/16-Inch 20-Gauge staples – This is placed in the plastic carrying case for faster work. It is used when you need a different size of staples.
  • Quick Release magazine

Roberts 10-600 Reviews

As a professional electric stapler, the customer reviews awarded Roberts Model 10-600 with a rating of 7 out of 10. Most of the contractors who availed this product are very satisfied with its features. They usually use it for installing carpets as well as upholstery. They noted that they are able to speed up the rate of their production through this electric stapler.

Another review mentioned that this stapler can deliver quality and speed. It is very functional and you could bring it along to different places. Most users commended it for its hammering power as well as the inclusion of a plastic carrying case for the staples.

Things to Improve

Indeed, Roberts Model 10-600 is a famous electric stapler in the market. The thing that you need to remember about this is that you should be able to fire it accurately. If not, you would end up having a lose staple. Aside from this, the staples are not that easy to find. However, you could always order from some reputable online sellers.


The amount of power that is contained in Roberts Model 10-600 is applicable to different tasks that require the use of a heavy –duty stapler. This would surely come handy for furniture upholstery jobs and carpet installation. If you want to know more about this best electric stapler, then it is a must to read the best staple gun reviews to see its many advantages.