Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Review

The newest model for Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 has emphasized its better capacity and better adjustment controls. A top handle was added to the design that makes it more portable while a splitter and a hold down guard allowed for bigger cutting pieces. Users are not anymore limited to cutting small pieces at a time.

It is one of more convenient tools of this genre because it is equipped with a toolless blade change mechanism that allows users to free up both of their hands for working, rather than the usual scenario where one hand has to hold down the machine. With this feature, accurate and precise cuts are made easily.

It is also lightweight so workers can bring it easily from one workshop to the other without having to worry about heavy machinery. With the increased capability to cut wood of different pieces, this product makes it a high contender for the title of the ultimate cutting machine.

Bigger and Better Capabilities

Compared to its predecessors, this machine has great potential for doing multiple tasks without too many adjustments. Its riving knife system allows cutting for various materials like wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, and even laminates. It is also lightweight (15 lbs.) so it is very portable and compact to carry around.

The machine’s splitter system allows for unlimited cross and rip cuts for the workpieces. This makes the design of the finished product accurate and precise in terms of cuts. Cutting wood will take seconds and with the feature of hands-free work.

While other machines require different kinds of saw blades to cut through various materials, such is not the case for this product. It was designed to be an all-in-one type of scroll saw.

Toolless Blade Change Mechanism for Easier Handling

Another great feature of Rockwell RK7323 is the T-shank standard jigsaw blades that are equipped with toolless blade change feature. This means that the time for adjustments and other calibrations are minimized greatly. When cutting from wood to plastic, it will take seconds for the adjustments to take place. Working time is definitely minimized, especially if there are greater quantities of cutting pieces required as an output.

Workers will have both hands free while working because of this feature. Unlike other products which require machine handling, this one has no such problem. It is a convenient machine that aims to give better results by incorporating many functions in one product. The blades are also quite standard so there is no problem with replacements or any maintenance issues later on.

Rockwell RK7323 Features and Specifications

  • Cut wood, metal, ceramic tile, aluminum or plastic with one saw
  • Can cut through wood, ceramic tiles, metals, or plastic with only one saw
  • Very lightweight and portable. Weight is only 15lbs.
  • Toolless blade mechanism for easy adjustments
  • Easy blade replacements for T-shank jigsaw blade
  • Equipped with adjustable miter gauge for angular cutting
  • Standard riving knife system that can create cross and rip cuts

Rockwell RK7323 Reviews

This product has reached almost 300+ reviews, and most of them have rated it as an average product for portable saws. The features are quite good and are generally an improvement over its predecessors, but it has not quite reached the level of other cutters which can be used as an all around tool.

Although most customer reviews have indicated that they like the features of this product after the initial check, it seems that some issues arise after they have used it. The plastic build of the machine makes it seem like a light weight product that may not be able to support cutting heavy wood. Small and intricate pieces are okay, but when it comes to thicker surfaces, customers have commented that they are fully impressed with this aspect as a whole.

Things to Improve

One of the biggest things to improve on for this product is its plastic build. Users who will use this product for the first time will receive the impression of it being a light weight machine that may not be able to deliver the expected results.

The good thing, though, is the metal core of the machine. This makes up for the outside build and allows it to do its job despite some complaints. Manufacturers could have used aluminum instead of plastic for their build.


Rockwell RK7323 packs a lot of punch despite the plastic build. There are many reviews that indicate its ability to do multiple tasks and most customer reviews have stated that it has delivered on this front.

There are various capabilities that allow this machine to stand out compared to others. Despite its plastic build, it is still equipped with a high-performance metal core that makes for a good base whenever it’s cutting through different materials.

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