Rolair JC10 1 HP Oil-less Compressor with Overload Protection

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If you are in the market for an oil-less compressor to do finish work, wood working, cabinetry or any small jobs this is the perfect unit for you. I did a lot of research on this product and thought there was just allot of hype about its quality. It’s not just hype. Rolair has rolled out the Rolair JC10 Oil-less compressor that is quiet, strong, and durable. For its price you cannot go wrong in purchasing this high performance compressor.

Strong & Powerful Engine

It is 100% oil-less which eliminates a lot of extra overhead from your budget. It operates at a high volume direct drive pump that pumps out 35 CFM at 90 PSI. The Roliar JC10 is perfect for residential and commercial framing projects, but not built for high volume work. It weighs about 38 pounds and is easily carried from site to site. Amazingly it is very quit. So quiet that you can hear your music in the area you are working. Another great feature is the 100% cast aluminum Cylinder. It is rustproof, corrosion proof, and almost impervious to the elements or wear and tear that give other units issues. It has a 2.5 gallon tank capacity and can run two finish nailers considerably well.

The Not-so-good

Though it has a 5 gallon gas capacity it makes the Rolair JC10 1 HP heavy and hard to move. The hand Grip system could be improved, but it’s still workable. On some units the anti-vibration feet are not installed square to the frame. It really is a minor flaw, but something that can be annoying if transporting the compressor in a truck bed. Also it doesn’t have any place to store hoses or the cord.

It is important to say that Rolland compressors have always been top of the line. This Roliar compressor is a prime example. It is solidly built. You can see they used quality components. Roliar didn’t put pointless parts that will get knocked off or easily damaged as some have. This bare bones approach has kept the cost down, and make it a great purchase.

Rolair JC10 Reviews & Ratings

The best review I read concerning this compressor is “Wow! I love this little guy!” That seems to be the consensus of the 104 Amazon reviews. These consumers rated the Roliar JC10 a 4.6 out of 5 stars. They raved that it was a “Sweet little Compressor.” Then many stated that it powered finish nailers with ease. By far it is dependable and a great investment.


Hands down, this is a unit that is one of the best budget priced compressors on the market today. On it was listed at 34% of the list price at the time of this review. It also has features that are not found on competitor’s air compressors. You can’t go wrong with the overload protection. It also has a high quality type M universal hose coupler. The air cartridges are easy to replace and has easy to read gauges that are pretty accurate. This is not a continuous run compressor, nor is it suitable for high volume. I do, however, highly recommend it if you are doing smaller jobs. This Rolair JC10 Air Compressor is really worth a hard look to invest in. Check out the other reviews on Amazon and you will find that the Rolair JC10 is a smart choice.

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