Surebonder 9600A Staple Gun Review

Surebonder is a notorious company when it comes to adhesive products. One of their latest tools is the Surebonder 9600A. It is a top-rated stapler and is considered as one of the best staplers for upholstery. There are endless possibilities with this tool once you discovered the capabilities of this staple gun.

In terms of safety, this staple gun is all for it. The mechanism ensures safe working condition for the users. The gun also features a quick release mechanism for a much simpler stapling experience. You would also find the staples easy to replace because they are of standard sizes.

If you avail this tool, an instruction guide is included for DIY stapling tasks. Together in this kit are the Allen wrench, a case, and a bottle of tool oil. Surebonder 9600A ensures that you would be able to accomplish many tasks with this stapler gun. Aside from this, you would be able to prevent accidental firing.

Quick Release Magazine

This feature makes it easy for you to refill without complications. Staples would be easily loaded in the stapler without manually doing it. This is the reason why this is recommended for upholstery uses.  You would be able to finish as much tasks as you can with Surebonder 9600A. When you avail this gun, you get to have 100 staple magazine and different sizes of fasteners.

You would be able to tackle as much as you can with this tool. The good thing about this is that this is considered a professional staple gun. You would be able use this in different heavy duty applications at home or at work.

In order to make your task easy, 100 staples are able to fit in the magazine. This would allow you to work without refilling all the time. You would be able to maximize your time in finishing loads of tasks especially in upholstery.

Rubber Cushioned Handle

To make your staple work easier and more comfortable, the Surebonder 9600A is made with a handle that is made of rubber with cushion. Your hands wouldn’t get sore with this handle ergonomics. Of course, you need to apply pressure while working.  It is unavoidable that your hands would get tired due to the pressure of pressing down the gun. This cushioned design allows you to work comfortably. Users would love the soft feeling of the handle while working. It would make your working experience less stressful and tiring.

Another advantage of this is that even beginners could maximize the use of Surebonder 9600A. They would surely feel comfortable, and that would engage them to use it.

Surebonder 9600A Features

  • Heavy duty staple machine – This is considered as one of the most heavy-duty staple guns in the market. It is recommended for upholstery use because of its power and speed.
  • Quick release magazine – This allows you to refill the staples as quickly as possible. You don’t need to refill every time because 100 staples could fit in the magazine.
  • Adjustable air exhaust – The engineered body of this staple gun allows air to flow freely.
  • Safety switch – This is primarily used as a safety mechanism.

Surebonder 9600A Reviews

The Surebonder 9600A is an outstanding oscillating tool.  It received a rating of 9 out of 10 the buyers. This is a remarkable staple with outstanding performance. Most of the users are satisfied with the quick release magazine. They are able to finish most of their tasks quickly because of this feature.

One customer noted that the Surebonder 9600A is his companion in his upholstery business. He is able to produce more products each day for his customers. The products he is selling are usually praised by his loyal customers because of the good quality.

Another review noted that he was able to use this staple gun for his an exterior remodeling job. It requires him to cut aluminum tin. According to him, this staple gun effectively does the job by regulating the striking force.

Things to Improve

This heavy-duty stapler is indeed an amazing tool to have for home use, especially for professional use. However, minor problems could occur at time. There are few reviews that say this staple gun hammer jammed occasionally. It must be noted that this is a natural occurrence for most of staple guns.

In order to minimize it, proper maintenance is needed. It would be better if you are able to clean the hinges for stuck dirt. These debris would harden would contribute to hammer jams.


As a heavy-duty pneumatic staple, Surebonder 9600A is one of the recommended tools for upholstery works and other heavy-duty jobs. It would surely give you the performance that you deserve and you expect.

If you are searching for your own personal heavy-duty staple gun, then this is definitely what you are looking for. The features are competitive enough to be considered as one of the most recommended staple gun in the market.

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