Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron Review

Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron boasts of durable split leather that looks not only great but also feels great when wearing it.

The apron also has a semi-rigid and a harness leather hammer holder as well as a rust-resistant nickel-plated hammer holder. The pockets are also very sturdy and can carry a variety of different tools you may need.

Are you in need of a work apron? If you need not only protection but a place to put all your tools while working, then you are looking at the Task Tools T77250.

It can be a hassle to keep on reaching on the table for the tools that you need, and the Task Tools T77250 offers you a better option where you can bring in all you need with you. It’s a very useful apron that not only supplies you with useful pockets but is also made with the finest materials to protect you while working.

Expect a Tough and Durable Task Tools T77250 Apron

One of the things you notice about the Task Tools T77250 is how the split leather is made out of high-quality materials. It is also able to fit just about any kind of body type. It doesn’t mean that only big boned bodies can fit into the apron, and the feel of the leather isn’t too rough, and it isn’t too hard either.

The belt is wide enough, and the center pouch is simply perfect. It can fit screws and nails into it and not worry about them falling out while working.

The pockets are also well hidden that you can’t immediately tell if they are there, and they are a good addition too. For something that is priced just right, you can get the most work done with carrying the most tools with you and not having a problem with how heavy they are.

Task Tools T77250 is Just the Perfect Fit

Owing to its affordable price, the Task Tools T77250 proves to be a very useful apron and can easily fit into just about any types of body shapes. There are aprons that are too big for being one size and there are those that are too small. The Task Tools T77250 tries to avoid this by creating an adjustable apron that can easily be adjusted by anyone to fit their body types perfectly.

This also helps in improving work of the weekend warriors as they want to wear something that will eventually make their work or repairs harder to do. The metal tool loop also proves to be very useful when climbing ladders and preventing things such as the hammers to bang onto the person’s leg while climbing up.

Task Tools T77250 Features and Specifications

  • It has five pockets in various sizes and two hammer holders
  • It weighs about 1.2 pounds
  • It is made out of durable split leather
  • It has a polymer belt with quick releasing buckle measured at 2 inches
  • It measures around 21×8.9×2.5 inches

Task Tools T77250 Reviews

It’s absolutely amazing that the Task Tools T77250 has garnered 9.5 out of 10 in reviews. The customers find that this simple little apron is more than what it looks like. The kind of comfort that it brings the weekend warriors is a sure win according to customers. They feel as if the cost of the apron does justice as to how useful and durable it is.

The pockets also serve to be very handy and can carry essential tools when working. When customers remove and insert hammers and tools into the pockets and the belts, it gives them easy access and the clip buckle does things faster.

The customers also praised the way that the pockets not only look but feel durable. They can insert box cutters, nails, and screws without the fear of the pockets ripping off. There have been no main issues that the customers have faced when using the product. The belt is also strong and can prove to be still useful even though some customers have broken it accidentally before.

Things to Improve

There are some minor concerns from the customers concerning the Task Tools T77250, and that involves the overhang size since they may be a bit too much, and some have to resort to tucking it in for ease. There are also some that found there is a lack of pockets as they have more tools at hand with them. This would be depending on what kind of tools the person is working with, and sometimes the pockets are just too small for certain tools to fit right in it.


If you want a handy tool carrier, then the Task Tools T77250 is the perfect product for you. It is made out of high-quality material and can quickly bring your tools wherever you may go without breaking. It is not that heavy to carry, and it is not rough on the skin, even though it has a leather finish. It isn’t too smooth either so you can be sure that it feels comfortable to wear.

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