Tips To Keep Fifth Wheel Hitches And Campers In Good Shape Before Traveling

Using a fifth wheel camper is beneficial. The most important advantage of it is in terms of space and comfort, and it’s a great way to enjoy traveling. The fifth wheel’s flexibility is outstanding because it is handy to such extent that you can separate it from the truck.

It is common to use the fifth wheel while traveling for long distances. Although traveling with it may pose additional challenges since it has a tendency to sway when towed, this can be corrected by installing an anti-sway hitch or bar.

To keep the fifth wheel in good condition, you need to carry out proper maintenance service. Always carry out a number of significant tests before traveling so that you can expect a worry-free travel experience.

You also need to ensure that the weight of the trailer is lower than that of the truck. This is the best way to keep your fifth wheel up and running. A trailer that has more weight than the fifth wheel will only lead to breakdowns.

The following are the tips to keep fifth wheel hitches in good shape before traveling:


Carry out a General Maintenance

Machines are complex and may have big or small hitches so it’s easy to miss out on important parts of a fifth wheel trailer. To keep up with its high level of performance, always do a maintenance check-up.

An important part to maintain are the springs. These are located at the pull handle and are prone to dislocation which affects the performance of your pull handle. Make sure the springs are always aligned and well-tensioned.

The next essential section is the locking part mechanism. This part is very fragile and gets easily damaged and get bent. In case any of these two happens, it will hinder the efficiency of the trailer.


Do Regular Lubrication

The fifth wheel trailer experiences a lot of friction so it is always important to wipe and apply grease on its joints more frequently to minimize this occurrence.

The locking part assembly is always in constant motion so, to prevent its kingpin from misaligning from the saddle, the application of grease on the assembly is advisable.

Also, keep under consideration the slides locking bar called jaws. By lubricating it, you help the moving parts work smoothly and more efficiently. This is also a good way of avoiding wear-and-tear of mechanical parts. Lubrication, however, does not apply to hitch disc since it is made of plastic.


Carry out Replacement of Worn-out Parts

Worn out parts can be easily forgotten and these could lead to more damages to other parts. Worn out parts do not only mean mechanical parts but also the non-mechanical ones like the interior, plumbing, exterior, and the hitch.

The hitch practically joins your trailer to your fifth wheel. Without it, you cannot bring your fifth wheel with you. To know what hitch is compatible with your trailer, HitchFreak provides fifth wheel hitches for different vehicles. This hitch is attached to the emergency brake cable.

The emergency brake cable could be critically dangerous during traveling. It is a must that you check this part for signs of being worn out.

There is also the vinyl lube plate that must be inspected regularly for its condition. The plumbing system is also an essential part to be well-maintained. Leaking pipes would end up causing rust to other mechanical parts and you don’t want it spreading on your machine.

Certainly, one of the most important, if not THE most important part are the tires. These tend to wear out quickly, thus, you need to always make sure that the treads’ depth is the recommended standard to keep tires to their utmost performance.

Worn out tires lead to skidding especially when the roads are wet. Always check them before every trip and if they need to be changed, do it immediately to prevent accidents.


The tires must also be well inflated according to standards. Deflated or overinflated tires have a great impact on gas consumption.

It is therefore important to check your them thoroughly. Do not forget to include a new and well inflated spare tire in case you experience a flat tire and need a change. Always have a  wrench and a jack in your trunk and keep them well lubricated.

Make it a point to follow the tips above before traveling and you will enjoy a worry-free experience with your fifth wheel.