Top 5 Tips: Improve Your Patio and Backyard for Summer Days

What can be more relaxing than spending your summer days in your backyard, with friends or family?

If you want to enjoy your time at the barbecue, you must definitely check out these next things to improve your backyard and make it the perfect place for a party.

1) Get A Patio Covers

The first step in upgrading your backyard is getting the shade. Not only it will protect you from the sun in the summer, but it will also be handy to keep away the rain or even snow!

It will also protect the outside furniture and it will do all of these while adding style to your house. If you are interested in more designs or ideas, you can take a look at the different types of covers at Royal Covers.

Build a Pergola/Lattice

There are different materials used for a pergola or lattice – and you should choose those that are more durable and easy to maintain. The slats will make the covers give you the open-air feel, but you can also add some fabric or vines to get more shade.

Go Natural

Natural foliage will make your backyard beautiful and if you’re lucky to have deciduous trees, summers will be cool and in the winter, having no leaves, it will allow the sun rays. You can grow one or plant it and when the off-season comes, you will have to either cover the furniture or remove it to protect them from the harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.).

Integrate the Covers

This is a more permanent solution to upgrading your backyard and having it shaded. Extend the roof of your home and add some columns to get a low-maintenance and durable space, which is open (having no walls). It will keep the space dry from rain, it will protect your entrance from snows and you’ll get shade from the sun.

Cloth Covers

Shading has never been more customizable and cheap with a cloth. Buy more fabrics in different colors and throw them over a light structure. Remember to place them in a good angle, so that when it rains, the water won’t gather in puddles to ruin the structure or rip the cloth.

Get perforated light in style and when the winter is coming, you can just roll the cloth and store it until springtime

2) Add New Furniture

Update your backyard with new furniture. Before starting the whole process, make a list with the budget, what colors or patterns you want to use, and which style you should approach. These are important in creating a perfect outdoor ambiance. Let’s see what you can get:


Furniture pieces are important for the outdoors. Look for a dining table or a bar and then add benches or chaise lounges. The main attraction should be the table or a fire pit.


Usually, materials are all about durability or maintenance. If you go for plastic, it will get dirty fast and it can be easily broken – but it’s cheap. Wood (teak) must be stained and sealed to get protection from time wear. Metal is a low-maintenance material (aluminum or wrought iron), it’s durable, but if you’re in a rainy and humid region, it will gather rust very easy.

3) Decorations

This is an easy process to make your outdoors look better. You can use cushions or pillows that are easy to wash and resistant to water. Want an elegant outdoor space? Get some chandeliers.

Add more details with interesting looking sconces, new doorknobs or switches.

4) Extra Features

If you have a patio cover or you decide to build a new cover, you can also add some style to it by using no only paint or different materials, but also things like lighting, hammocks, a grill or an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace or a pit.

Add color with lighting, make the patio cozier with standalone or tree hammocks and make your meals taste better on a grill. Add the fireplace or the pit to get some warmth in the late summer nights and you have the recipe for a successful outdoors gathering.

5) Update With Quick Additions

Add some paint to the cover structure or to the concrete to refresh your backyard.

Add a decorative feel with dividers to also get some privacy.

Put some pots with flowers to make your backyard fresher and personal and light your backyard for fun evenings with Tiki torches or chandelier – depending on the preferred style.


Spending summers at home will be a lot more fun and it doesn’t have to be expensive either! Just follow these tips and you will have your own personal oasis in no time!