WEN 4208 Drill Press Review

The WEN 4208 Drill Press is the drill resource you should buy if you want a powerful but fairly priced machine for your workshop. The WEN 4208 features a five pace motor that enables the user to drill through wood, metal, iron, light zinc, aluminum, and even steel. With this technology, you can drill various materials with different thicknesses.

The drill also features a 2-inch spindle travel that allows for better precision even as you stop and return to drilling again for long drilling jobs. Through this, a user can drill over where the initial job has been done without ruining the precision of the outcome.

Durable 5-Speed Induction Motor

The 1/3 HP induction motor of this push drill machine is designed for use for long periods without the need for replacement. Its lasting capacity ensures that the user will not experience difficulties even with long hours of use.

The capacity of the motor is strong enough to tackle even electrically resistant materials. Its construction is sturdy enough to take on difficult jobs without breaking down. The engine can operate at 5 speeds: 3100, 2340, 1720, 1100, and 620 RPM. This allows the user to adjust the speed based on the type and thickness of material as well as other requirements necessitated in work.

2-Inch Spindle Travel and Readable Linear Level

The 2-inch spindle journey of the WEN 4208 is most functional for long drilling hours wherein pausing from the drilling is necessary. This feature enables the sustenance of precision on the work as the user stops from drilling and resumes later on. The drill push also has a distinct linear level that allows you to resume drilling with precision.

Features and Specifications

Here the features and specs of WEN 4208 Drill Press:

  • Weight– 33.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 7.5 x 22.9 x 11 inches
  • 5-Speed Induction Motor – 620 to 3100 RPM to accommodate different materials and thicknesses
  • Two Inch Spindle Journey with Linear Level – for long hours of drilling without affecting the precision of the drilling work
  • Minimal Sound – for reduced operation noise when working
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Power Source – Electric cord

WEN 4208 Reviews

As of this writing, the WEN 4208 has received 545+ reviews. The top positive reviews give a perfect rating for the drill machine, with the reviewer stating that he is euphoric with the unit. According to him, the instructions were clear and simple. The vibration was also minimal, and the motor operated quietly. He loved the variable speed control as well. All in all, he was highly satisfied with the features and sturdiness of the WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed.

However, just like any other drilling resources, some customers will be dissatisfied. In the case of WEN 4208, 111+ critical customers voiced out. The top critical review on the unit gave a 2-star rating, as the user is disappointed with the build quality of the drill press. According to him, the build quality of the unit was comparable to a less than a dollar toy. The stand also cracked when it was bolted onto the table. Some reviewers complain about the build quality too. To fix this, the customer may return the unit if it is defective. To prevent cracking, it is important to practice caution when handling the drilling push for bolting on a surface.

Nevertheless, a majority of the reviews were positive. The customers expressed great satisfaction over the performance of the unit saying that it was a great investment.


Owners use the WEN 4208 for light to heavy applications in their workshops. The durability of the drill machine enables any user to use it for long hours with no to minimal difficulties such as breakdowns. The variable speed of the WEN 4208 with 5 options makes it a versatile equipment in homes and shops since it can tackle a broad range of materials as well as electrically resistant supplies. Its feature to ensure precision with its spindle travel and linear level makes the use of the drill convenient even for new users.

With these stated, the unit is worthy of an investment, especially with its reasonable price. The WEN 4208 gets the drilling requirements done without producing too much noise that can be an issue for people nearby. The unit is a certified winner for its durability and versatility. Do read more about other best drill presses here.